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The Whizdom

Posted by Dave On September - 17 - 2013

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How does the old saying go? “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” That applies to tailgating more than anything.

Unfortunately, tailgating takes place in an environment where there isn’t an abundance of restroom options. There always seems to be a line for the portable toilets and even if there isn’t a line to get in one, once you get in there it usually is a pretty disgusting experience. With that said, rather than wait in line for the port-a-potty, most of us just tough it out and wait until we get inside the stadium. What if there was a way to not have to wait in line, be able to relieve yourself discreetly and privately and still continue tailgating? You guessed it. There is a tailgating product for that and it is called The Whizdom. Check out the video from Adam, the inventor of the Whizdom to explain how it works.

As you saw in the instructional video, the Whizdom is a personal urinary device that basically extends the end of your penis to the ground in a self-contained tube so you can urinate without having to go to the port-a-potty. (Sorry ladies. This is one product not designed for the female tailgaters in the group.)

You may have the same reaction I did at first that it is kind of gross just peeing on the ground through a tube that runs down your pant leg. Then after thinking about it for half a minute I figured it wasn’t all that bad. I wouldn’t be just standing in the middle of the parking lot, grilling up some brats and letting go right there in my tailgating space. I could use it by casually walking over to some vegetation area and letting it go there. Guys, how many times have we peed on a tree while out camping? Same concept here but you would be doing it more discreetly and in more of a public setting. Just make sure the cops aren’t looking and follow you to the area where you have targeted as your “relief zone”.

Of course, we here at Tailgating Ideas had to have some samples sent to us so we could test it out for ourselves. The main questions we had were how easy was it to put on and just how long could you wear it before it got uncomfortable. (Disclaimer: We did receive samples of the Whizdom for free. The fact these samples was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

Whizdom Packaging

Upon arrival and taking it out of the packaging, we unfolded the Whizdom. It is made out of latex so if you have a latex allergy you can not use the Whizdom. At first look, it appears to look like an uninflated bike tire that was cut and straightened out. The first thing we thought was we needed to wear dark shoes or even black shoes so the black Whizdom would blend well when poking out of the bottom of the pant leg. Now comes the personal part of the review…

When putting on the Whizdom, we followed the instructions from the video to the letter of the law. I won’t give you a blow by blow account of me applying it to myself but I will say it was a bit easier than I expected. I tried it a few times and with each time it seemed to get easier. I would suggest putting it on and taking it off a few times at home before taking it tailgating.

Whizdom on black shoeAfter putting it on, naturally it felt a bit weird but I toughed it out because I wanted to do a thorough test and review of the product. I was skeptical of the claim in the video that after about five minutes you wouldn’t even notice you are wearing it. Yet again, my assumptions were wrong and I completely forgot I was wearing it until I needed to go to the bathroom. It was when I got in there and unzipped that I was reminded I was wearing it. So, naturally I went outside and found a patch of grass and let ‘er rip.

The Whizdom worked perfectly and I was able to relieve myself in plain sight of anyone that walked by. Nobody even thought I was doing what I was doing and didn’t give me a second look. I took out my iPhone and sent a text message while urinating so as to not look like some weirdo just standing on a patch of grass staring up into the sky. In today’s day and age of people being glued to their mobile devices, pretending to be on your phone while using the Whizdom is the perfect cover. Check out these tailgaters outside Gillette Stadium in Foxboro using the Whizdom.

After using the Whizdom I would highly recommend it and it definitely gets the Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp of approval.

If you have more questions about the Whizdom, I would suggest reading their FAQ page. Not only is it informative but you will enjoy the humor they put into it including why this is a “one size fits most” product.

I will put out this disclaimer in that, just because with the Whizdom you can pee anywhere does not mean you should pee anywhere. You are responsible for knowing what the laws are where you are using it. We recommend that if you are unsure about the laws, be discreet and respectful of others around you and nobody will know. Please know that urinating in public is still a crime so make sure you know that before using this product.

The Whizdom is priced at $5 per device and shipping is very reasonable. For more information or to order the Whizdom, please visit: thewhizdom.com.

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Imagine drinking all the beer you want at a tailgate party (assuming you have a designated driver) without the worry of how much time you’ll spend in line for the port-a-potty. Also imagine, every time you have to take a whizz, you are actually helping the environment. Dream no longer. Introducing the “When Nature Calls” urinal system.

Urinal PlanterImage credit: Tuvie/Eddie Gandelman

This new urinal is still in the conceptual stages but when I saw it I thought this would be a perfect addition to any tailgating parking lot. The concept is pretty basic. A public restroom that collects urine and grows plants in the process. A quote directly from the concept designer:

By setting up the restroom in pod format with four urinals on every pod, the users can enjoy more space and privacy. This system as well paves way for both peeing and watering the plants. Approved by a professor of toxicology, the project employs 3 processes. The urine thus collected is filtered, which is then used for the plants. Peeing, besides being a waste process becomes a nurturing one, which appears to be a great advantage here. This idea will certainly make the very notion of urination a better experience.

Let’s face it. We men love to pee outside. For some reason it makes us feel more manly and gives us a sense of freedom. Or maybe we like to do it just because we can. No matter the reason, many tailgaters will head to the patch of trees on the edge of the parking lot and face potentially getting a ticket for indecent exposure or public urination. The reason? The trees are a much faster option than waiting in line for the port-a-potty.

Men typically take less time to use the restroom than women. Why do you think the line for the ladies room at a concert is always twice as long as the men’s? (Stop screaming sexism here. It’s a fact men take less time to go No. 1 than women.) It is also understood that the majority of tailgaters are typically men. (Yes, we know women tailgate too but for the most part, men are the ones logging the long tailgating hours.) So it stands to reason that installing more restroom options that accommodate men would be a no brainer. This way those portable toilets could be freed up for female tailgaters who require a seat and more privacy. After all, why would men wait in line for a regular portable toilet if a urinal only option was available? Both men and women would be happy that the lines are shorter for both choices.

Now comes the part that will get the tree huggers all excited. This concept of the urinal filtering the urine and making it a fertilized liquid that nurtures and helps grow plants will make any Prius driving tailgater do back flips. Every stadium in America is encouraging tailgaters to “Go Green” by offering more recycling bins, encouraging fans to carpool and asking fans to reduce the amount of refuse they produce. By peeing in a system that grows plants, there are less chemicals needed for those portable toilets and they will fill up less. And who can argue with a system that essentially plants more trees and shrubs thus creating more green space and reducing the amount of Co2 in the air? Even the staunchest anti-global warming theorist can’t complain about a few more trees adding to the beautification of a stadium parking lot.

As a tailgating advocate I would encourage every college and pro football stadium to order 20 of these and place them strategically around the parking lot. There would need to be some sort of privacy screening or fences built around them so the rest of the tailgaters are not viewing four guys at a time whipping it out and letting it go.

Stadiums may balk at the initial costs of setting these things up but in the long run they may save money by having to empty the traditional port-a-potties less. Plus think of all the positive PR the stadiums and teams will get in the local media for “going green” or in this case, “going yellow”.

Tailgating Gear Review: The Bassroom

Posted by Dave On November - 18 - 2009

Bassroom_truckYesterday we revealed a tailgating tip on how to avoid long lines for the porta-potty while tailgating. The problem with that tip is that if you are not parked close to the RV section, or if the stadium parking lot does not have a special RV section, this technique is useless. You could just go get your own porta-potty and strap it to the bed of your truck but that would be expensive and inconvenient. Or is it?

Although I have been aware of this product, The Bassroom made by Cover Your Bass, it wasn’t until recently when I got the chance to get one of my own. I will admit that after seeing the demo video on how to set it up I was a bit skeptical that it was that easy and effortless. After all, the guy doing the video created the product and has probably unfolded and folded it up a million times. After receiving my own Bassrooom, I found it to be very simple to unfold and set up and just as easy to take down and put away. Take a look at the video to see what I mean. My experience was literally just as easy as you’ll see below.

If you couldn’t tell from the video, The Bassroom is a complete multi-use, portable bathroom privacy system. Truly multi-use, the Bassroom system sets up on the ground, the back of a truck, or on a boat. So now you can avoid those long lines at the porta-potty and you can concentrate on spending more time tailgating and less time waiting to answer nature’s call. Perfect for tailgating, you can also take it camping, boating, backpacking, scouting or just about anywhere you may need bathroom privacy.

The Bassroom system comes with a self erecting cover that is waterproof and flame resistant, a portable toilet and waste bags all stored in two handy transport bags. When it is folded up it fits nicely in any sized tailgating vehicle behind seats or in trunks taking up little space. Also, since it is so compact and lightweight, you could set it up in under two minutes. You don’t have to set it up and leave it up the entire time you are tailgating. Just set it up as you need it because it breaks down and packs away just as easily as it sets up. That sure beats investing a half hour of your tailgating time waiting in line for a porta-potty that could be extremely dirty and be the most foul smelling thing you have set foot into. Some the exact specs of the Bassroom:

Bassroom Toilet Specifications

• The portable toilet stand is made of 1″ steel tubing and double ply 1″ wide nylon webbing for extra strength and support.
• It comes with a regular full size toilet seat.
• The complete toilet system stores in a bag 18″ x 21″ x 11/4″ thick and weighs 7 lbs.

Bassroom Cover/Privacy System
• Made from flexible materials it also has zippered doors in front and back providing cross-ventilation, and easy access.
• 5″ skirting provides more privacy and protection from the wind.
• Measures 72″ x 72″ x 48″ tall.
• The Bassroom cover is made with 12 tie downs. Eight tie downs are primarily for boat use, six of which are adjustable straps with snap hooks. It also comes with 4 mini bungee cords and 4 self-adhesive hooks (if needed) to allow a custom fit to most fishing boats and pick-up truck beds.
• An additional four tie downs are corner tie downs which allows optional method of securing the Bassroom cover to the ground.

My recommendation is that if you are tired of spending more time waiting in line for the porta-potty than you are spending tailgating, you need to get The Bassroom. It is easy to set up, easy to break down and is a much faster way to take care of business. I have a Bassroom of my own and I would suggest you seriously consider adding one to your regular tailgating kit.

For the remainder of football season The Bassroom is currently sale priced at $99.95 plus $15.00 shipping within the United States for the entire system. Visit CoverYourBass.com for more information, purchase details, videos and product reviews.

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