• The Oostburger

    You might have seen that they other day was National Cheeseburger day.  Being the carnivorous creature that I am, I made sure to grab one to celebrate.   Which I was chomping away I couldn’t help but think back to another cheeseburger I had a while back.  You see every year the good people of… Read more »

  • Flame: The Fragrance For Tailgaters

    I think I can speak for most of us and say we as tailgaters love the grill. We love everything about it. Cooking meat caveman style, the sizzle sounds of meat hitting a hot grill grate and the smell of dead animal flesh getting a proper viking funeral. Everything about grilling makes you feel great…. Read more »

  • Carnivores Have Bigger Brains

    A big part of tailgating happens to be the consumption of dead animal flesh after giving it a proper viking funeral over an open flame. Now a recent study has come out saying that meat eaters may have bigger brains compared to vegetarians and vegans. The Times of India: Eating Veggies Shrinks The Brain I… Read more »