Kenny Chesney tailgating

  • Video: Super fast beer bong while tailgating

    I have seen some pretty fast beer bongs in my time while tailgating but this guy takes the cake. Shot at what appears to be a Kenny Chesney tailgate this summer, this tailgater is not to be challenged when it comes to beer bonging. If there is video out there of someone doing one faster,… Read more »

  • Tailgaters – 1, Jiffy Lube Live – 0

    The tailgaters have won. Under immense pressure by tailgating fans and coordinated efforts to boycott events, concert venue Jiffy Lube Live has announced it will bring back tailgating after banning it last season. Washington Post: Jiffy Lube Live lifts tailgating ban Manassas Patch: Tailgating Returns to Jiffy Lube Live Ticket News: Live Nation relents on… Read more »

  • Videos: Jimmy Buffett vs. Kenny Chesney Tailgating

    The debate rages. Which musical fan base tailgates better? Jimmy Buffett fans or Kenny Chesney fans? I recently came across these two videos that are a pretty good representation of both. So now it is up to you to decide. Cast your vote on who tailgates better in the comments section below. Jimmy Buffett Tailgating… Read more »

  • Video: Carley Lenz Tailgating at Kenny Chesney

    Apparently this gal Carley Lenz and her girlfriend wanted to kill some time before the Pittsburgh Penguins game so they decided to crash the tailgate scene before the Kenny Chesney concert in Pittsburgh. She’s shotgunning beers so how bad can the video be? Of course this large of an attention whore has her own website… Read more »