Jimmy Traina

  • And, We’re Baaaaaaaack!

    If you are a regular reader of TailgatingIdeas.com or you visited this website anytime between Friday afternoon until Monday morning, you probably saw a distressing message. It read: Dear TailgatingIdeas.com readers… we’re sorry to do this, but we’ve had to take the site offline for some upgrades. We’ll be back online Monday. We really appreciate… Read more »

  • Heaven Rolled on a Grill: The Bacon Explosion

    I love bacon. We’ve told you about bacon flavored dental floss, bacon iPhone case, bacon flavored mayonnaise, bacon flavored mints, a Bacon Bra and even a bacon tuxedo. So it is well established we here at TailgatingIdeas.com like us some bacon. Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for when I saw The Bacon Explosion!… Read more »

  • Off Topic: Layla Kiffin Looks Like Casey Parker

    Here at TailgatingIdeas.com we sometimes deviate off topic and discuss stuff that is non-tailgating related. This is one of those times so please feel free to get over it. Jimmy Traina over at Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard Hot Clicks recently did a segment on athletes and their celebrity look-a-likes. Last week the sports blogoshpere lost… Read more »