Jimmy Football

  • Are The Bud Light “Tailgate Approved” Ads Full of Double Entendre?

    As you know already, Bud Light has been running a very successful advertising campaign revolving around the character Jimmy Football, a faux infomercial pitchman, pushing items that are “Tailgate Tested, Tailgate Approved”. The blog VitkunBrands made an interesting observation and wrote a post about it. They particularly called out the following commercial for the Bud… Read more »

  • Video: The Draw of Jimmy Football

    By now you have probably seen a ton of those Bud Light Jimmy Football, Tailgate Tested Tailgate Approved commercials on TV. I came across a video that is more of a testimonial on how well the advertising campaign has been going for Bud Light. The thing that really caught my eye was at around the… Read more »

  • Video: Bud Light Lime “In The Can” Ad

    A few weeks ago we told you about how Bud Light is Rolling Out the “Tailgate Approved” Marketing Campaign. Obviously the Bud people value the tailgating market if you have seen the amount of “Jimmy Football” fake infomercials they have been putting on your TV. Now comes along a commercial for Bud Light Lime that… Read more »