Jimmy Buffett

  • Video: Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Hula Hoop

    This video of a Jimmy Buffett tailgate party has almost everything you would normally see Parrotheads doing. There is a cornhole game going on the side, mobile tiki bars set up and a woman doing a hula hoop. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There is also a woman humping an inflatable shark in the background.

  • Videos: Jimmy Buffett vs. Kenny Chesney Tailgating

    The debate rages. Which musical fan base tailgates better? Jimmy Buffett fans or Kenny Chesney fans? I recently came across these two videos that are a pretty good representation of both. So now it is up to you to decide. Cast your vote on who tailgates better in the comments section below. Jimmy Buffett Tailgating… Read more »

  • Video: Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Belly Flop

    I have two questions after watching this video: 1) Where do tailgaters get all the water it takes to fill up a kiddie pool? 2) What kind of a jackass would belly flop into a kiddie pool from the top of a car? The guy in this video has the answer to both those questions.