jell-o shots

  • Shot Straws”

    Some people love to take liquor shots while out tailgating. The purpose of liquor shots is usually not because you enjoy the taste. If that were the case you would wander around the parking lot with a scotch on the rocks. Most tailgaters taking shots are doing it for the end result of catching a… Read more »

  • Mary’s Guide to Off-Season Tailgate Prep

    My tailgating philosophy is derived from my belief that guides most super fans… If you love them enough, they will win. When it comes to tailgating, my view is… if you throw the best tailgate EVER, they will win. See 2009 Miami vs. Florida State in Tallahassee. Forston didn’t drop that pass on his own…. Read more »

  • Product Review: EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups

    (Editor’s Note: This tailgating product review was conducted in 2008. The manufacturer of EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups has informed us that this model of their product has been discontinued and is no longer available. Their newer version cups have not been reviewed by our staff.) Ah, the Jell-O shot. What would a tailgate party be… Read more »