Baltimore Ravens

  • Ravens Tailgating Grill

    A little more than a year ago we shared with you one reader’s successful customization of his Margaritaville Tailgating grill into a Ravens Tailgating Grill. We just got an email the other day from another one of our Baltimore readers and apparently that grill has some company. Check out Mike from Severn, Maryland and his… Read more »

  • Weekend Wrap-Up #117: Jaime Edmondson Edition

    You don’t need a lot of intro when you have Jaime Edmondson modeling some NFL gear for women front and center. Despite being a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader we’d vote that this uniform suit her just fine. Links follow the pic: • Join us on our Tailgating Ideas Facebook Fan Page • While we’re being… Read more »

  • Video: Gate Crashing With Fitzy At The Pats/Ravens Game

    Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald is a die hard Boston sports fan that also writes Here is his experience crashing tailgate parties before the Patriots took on the Baltimore Ravens. (Warning: Video is NSFW with a number of swear words. Headphones are a good call if you are at work.)

  • Ravens Grill

    Like a proud father that enjoys seeing his young breed go out into the world and become successful, I always enjoy it when readers customize their own grill using the techniques and tips we suggested last year. I recently received this email from Michael, a reader who customized his Margaritaville Tailgating Grill to a… Read more »