Weekend Wrap-Up #93: Viral Video Edition

Upon hearing the term “viral video” years ago I immediately assumed it was video content that would spread malicious computer viruses that would hack my bank accounts. Trust me, as a victim of the Happy 99 worm virus over 10 years ago, I am always skeptical when it comes to anything that remotely sounds like a computer virus.

To my surprise viral video actually means a video that gets passed around via email or gets posted on the internet because it is either funny or controversial. Budweiser has had some success capturing the power of the internet by producing a few commercials for the web with the intent of being a bit more edgy than regular TV would allow in hopes the video goes viral. They nailed it a while back with a video entitled “swear jar” and have hit another home run with “Clothing Drive”. I’ll share both because you’ll probably get a laugh out of both. Links follow the videos.



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