Tailgating Videos: Week 1 of College Football

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun... Typically when I come across fun and interesting tailgating videos I share them one by one. Now that the college football season officially got underway last weekend, the videos are coming in fast and furious. So here is a small collection of just a few videos posted up on YouTube from this past weekend in college football tailgating.

Before the UCLA vs. Tennessee game, this guy apparently extends the 5 second rule to the 30 second rule as long as it is on grass. (Warning: Clip does contain strong language)


This is how Colorado State tailgaters do it before the annual game against CU at Invesco Field.


Not only did Clemson lose to Alabama inside the Georgia Dome, the Tiger tailgaters also lost in Flip Cup to Tide fans outside the stadium.


Beer shotgun duel in the rain before the UCF vs. South Carolina State game


The “Jump Around” dancing tradition at Wisconsin Football games is legendary. This dance seizure should not become another long lasting tradition.