Be Nice Get Coal Contest

From an early age most children who are celebrating Christmas are told that if they’re not nice, then they’ll get coal in their stockings. While that may be an effective tactic for getting the kiddos to straighten up, I’d bet that there are some charcoal grillers out there that may see that coal as a pretty nifty gift.  If you’re in that camp you’re in luck.  The good people over at Kingsford decided to reward some good boys and girls, specifically the Georgetown University Grilling Society, with a year’s supply of fuel for their grilling adventures.   The question I’m asking myself is where was the “Grilling Society” when I was in school?




For the rest of us Kingsford has a fun contest going on right now that will reward several lucky individuals with prizes ranging from a year’s supply of their great charcoal to a really fun looking winter hat which I’ve pasted in the article.  All you need to do to enter is between now and January 1, 2014, simply tweet @Kingsford with the hashtag #benicegetcoal for your chance to win.  As with any contest there are Official Rules which I’ve linked here.  Looks like you can enter once a day between now and 1/1/14.   Good Luck.