Pinto Ron

  • 2010 Tailgating Predictions Revisited”>YouTube

    Early in January of this year I put together a Predictions On Tailgating for 2010 post trying my hand at predicting the future. So as 2010 comes to a close in less than a week I thought it might be fun to take a look back and see how well we did at predicting the… Read more »

  • Tailgating Current Events Update

    Rather than create a brand new post for each and every update on recent issues we have covered here on, why not combine them all into one? Yeah, I thought that might be a good idea too. First up, update on Pinto Ron’s battle to tailgate in the Buffalo Bills main parking lot. If… Read more »

  • Pinto Ron Not Welcome Anymore

    The NFL’s hypocrisy did not end with the close of the 2009 season. Apparently in order to promote a more family friendly environment, the NFL and the Buffalo Bills have told Kenny “Pinto Ron” Johnson he is no longer welcome in Ralph Wilson Stadium’s Lot 1. To understand just who is Pinto Ron, take a… Read more »