Phillies tailgating

  • Video: Tailgate Lot Lap Dance

    I’ve seen my fair share of crazy stuff while out tailgating. I’ve seen blenders powered by chainsaw motors. I’ve even seen portable stripper poles. But not until now had I seen Philadelphia baseball tailgater girl giving out free lap dances to a guy in personal mobility scooters. You’re welcome America.

  • Video: Phillies Tailgating Couch Ice Bath

    First of all, who brings a leather couch with them while tailgating? Secondly, if you are going to take advantage of a tailgating couch, please do not fall asleep on it. Bad things happen to passed out people. Surprisingly, the guy seemed to shake it off without a scuffle.

  • Video: Phillies Fans Shotgunning Beers

    Philly fans, you should be embarrassed. This has to be one of the weakest demonstrations of shotgunning beers while tailgating. Although the burp at the 20 second mark and the higher than average amounts of cleavage help to salvage this one.