Philadelphia Eagles Tailgating

  • Video: Tailgating Eagles Fans Destroy Tony Romo Dummy

    Nothing brings fans together like tailgating and mutual hate of a rival’s star quarterback. Why not combine the two at a recent Philadelphia Eagles tailgate party? WARNING: Strong language can be heard on the video so make sure to put your headphones on or turn down the volume. Or don’t watch at all if curse… Read more »

  • Video: Eagles Playoff Hot Tub Tailgating

    Philadelphia Eagles tailgaters are hard core. Pictures of these Eagles tailgaters in a hot tub while tailgating in frigid temperatures nearly broke Twitter on Saturday. Here is the news report from the local Philly Comcast Sports station.

  • Video: Philadelphia Eagles Dance Battle

    Who doesn’t enjoy a good old fashioned tailgate party dance battle? Not me. Especially when it involves a shirtless beer belly dude taking on a nine year-old kid. H/T: Steven Humour