• Soulra XL Solar iPod Speakers

    The tailgating parking lot is not just a place to have a sandwich and kill some time before kick-off. Tailgating has gone high tech with MP3 players, portable sound systems, plasma TVs showing the early football games and some people will bring out their laptops or tablets and surf the web all while sitting in… Read more »

  • iPod DJ Mixer

    Have you ever been tailgating and someone wants to play the music that is on their iPod or iPhone? Now you can play amateur DJ with a portable music mixer from Urban Outfitters. Plop both iPods in the mixer and switch back and forth between the two. It lets you combine music from 2 iPods… Read more »

  • Video: iPhone Beer Pong Demo

    Got an email this evening from a reader that passed along a YouTube video of a demo on playing beer pong on your iPhone or iPod touch. You may recall back in October we told you could Play Beer Pong on Your iPhone. Hi Dave, First of all let me say that I’m a big… Read more »

  • iPhone App Keeps Track Of Your BAC

    If you have an iPhone and enjoy an adult beverage every now and then while tailgating, you need to pay attention. There is a free iPhone application called the Last Call which monitors your blood alcohol content (BAC) to help you stay under the legal driving limit. Simply input your drink of choice and your… Read more »