Florida tailgating

  • Video: Florida vs LSU Fan Pole Dance Off

    Normally when you read that kind of a headline you would hope that it would be two hot college co-eds trying to outdo the other one. Unfortunately, today is not that day. But if have an extra 68 seconds in your day, you should watch this. Good thing these two guys chose to pole dance… Read more »

  • Florida Tailgating Trailer

    Many say the purest form of tailgating is packing up your regular, everyday vehicle and bringing it to the stadium. Going to the game in an RV with all the amenities and creature comforts of home would probably be the highest level of tailgating. But there is a “hybrid” form of tailgating that is in… Read more »

  • Video: Florida State Team Bus Getting Mooned

    Last weekend in college football was a memorable one. Charlie Weis coached his last game for Notre Dame. More importantly, Bobby Bowden no longer has to endure getting mooned by Florida Gator fan while the team bus drives to The Swamp. It is this kind of jackassedness that makes me say, “Stay Classy Gainesville”.