Chicago Cubs

  • Weekend Wrap #51: Post-Valentine’s Day Edition

    Hopefully you and your wallet survived Forced Affection Day Valentine’s Day. There is nothing like a day wrought with indecision based on what and how much you should buy your significant other on February 14th. Do you risk looking like a cheapskate and hedge on the low end? After all, we are in a recession… Read more »

  • Bar-gaiting Around Wrigley Field

    On a recent trip to Chicago, I learned a few things – beer tastes great at 10 AM, pizza can be eaten by fork and knife, and tailgating at Wrigley Field is a totally awesome experience. If you’re like me, you’ve heard a million times about how great Wrigley is. The history, the charm, the… Read more »

  • Tailgating Video: Chicago Baseball Tailgating sent field reporter Jillian Jesk out to U.S. Cellular Field to check in on the tailgating scene before the Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Cubs interleague games. Since Wrigley Field tailgating is more bar hopping than it is tailgating the only tailgating going on in the summer in the Windy City is on the… Read more »