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Weekend Wrap-Up #122: Jaime Edmondson Edition

Posted by Dave On February - 6 - 2011

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Two storied franchises with loads of football history and rabid fan bases behind them will square off for the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Right about now everyone is an expert and offers up their predictions on who they think will win. Not to be left out I’ll offer up my opinion on who I think will win in visually stunning fashion by Jaime Edmondson. Enjoy the Super Bowl and links follow the prediction…

Jaime Edmondson Green Bay Packers

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• Adam Goldstein, the British NFL Super Fan wrote his book and it is entitled Tailgate to Heaven
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• Early Super Bowl tailgating
• A large grilling unit that looks like a roll-off truck
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• At Wake Forest, The future of football tailgating appears bleak
• At Arizona State, Sparky’s Lawn Is Gone and Tailgating Locations Decreased
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Weekend Wrap-Up #118: Sarah Frechette Edition

Posted by Dave On November - 14 - 2010

The Lingerie Football League has been in the news lately. Not because one of the players had a major “wardrobe malfunction’ but because Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett has said no to the Lingerie Football League establishing a franchise there. In all fairness, the OKC Mayor only said he would be opposed to a franchise using a city owned facility to host its games. My only question to Mr. Cornett is, “have you seen the outfits the OKC Thunder Cheerleaders wear?”. If he has an issue with women running around in public buildings with little clothing on, he might want to check Oklahoma City Arena first. After all, who wouldn’t want the likes of Sarah Frechette bringing her talents to your city? Links follow the pic:

Sarah Frechette

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• There’s the UCLA game, and the game before the game — beer pong
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Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #97: ASU Tailgating Edition

Posted by Dave On September - 30 - 2010

This video has been making the rounds on the sports blogs and the internet so we are not breaking any new ground here. So what’s so great about it? Well, if you consider a guy old enough to qualify for hip replacement surgery dancing and hitting on Arizona State co-eds at a tailgate party pretty cool, this video is worth a look. This dude is awesome proving that you don’t have to be in college to enjoy college football tailgating. And how does this qualify as eye candy? The girls that volunteer to dance with the guy plus a casual scan of the other gals cheering them on qualifies for sure. Links to follow:

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Weekend Wrap #29: Hurricane Ike Edition

Posted by Dave On September - 13 - 2008

news_wrap.jpgHurricane Ike is a killer. A tailgate killer that is. Not only did Hurricane Ike go Ike Turner on Reliant Stadium but the fallout means the game between the Texans and the Raves will be postponed. That means the Houston area tailgaters looking for a ray of sunshine in the form of tailgating will have to wait another week. Then again, those without power and gas will be pseudo-tailgating after all. The bummer part is that they do not have to pack up and head into the game after it is all said and done. In all seriousness, we hope everyone affected by Hurricane Ike comes away unharmed. Now on to the links…


Weekend Wrap #9: Better Link Than Never

Posted by Dave On April - 27 - 2008

news_wrap.jpgAlright, I will admit it. I normally have the Weekend Wrap up and out there by this time but I have a good excuse. The NFL Draft was this weekend so I am a little late. After watching the draft from the No. 1 overall pick of Jake Long all the way to pick No. 252, known as Mr. Irrelevant, I am a bit late. So without any further delay, let’s find out what is happening in the world of tailgating this week.

  • Pat Harty of HawkCentral.com says banning alcohol at tailgates prior to the University of Iowa’s Spring Game is no way to win over the fans.
  • Despite being only a Spring football Game, tailgating makes it all the better for Nebraska Cornhusker Football fans.
  • WestCoastDawg.com and The Bleacher Report both compare the tailgating scene between the University of Georgia and Arizona State.
  • Only Time Will Tell can’t have college football season and tailgating return soon enough.
  • Top 10 Nascar Drivers offers some suggestions on Choosing the right Tailgating Grill.
  • The verdict is in and tailgating will be banned at 5 PNC Bank Arts Center shows. Tailgating will not be permitted at concerts by John Mayer, OAR, 311, Beatstock and a day-long rock festival tagged Projekt Revolution.
  • Despite more port-o-potties, public urination was still a problem at the Penn State Blue/White game.
  • Lauri Powel says the pre-party at The Foxfield Race is “Fine Dining with Tailgate Style”.
  • Adrian tailgates with Beer, Bratwurst, Baseball, and 5 Plymouth Belvederes.
  • Growing Older But Not Up recaps a recent road trip to see and tailgate prior to the Jimmy Buffett in concert in St. Louis.
  • Speaking of Jimmy Buffett, The Denison Family blogs about Jimmy’s recent concert in So Cal at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.
  • Letters from the Moon must have read my suggestion regarding tailgating a papal mass.
  • The Haphazards Gourmet Girls call tailgating prior to the Coachella Music Festival Tailgating With Satan At The Music Funpocalypse.
  • TheState.com reports that the tailgate party prior to the Kenny Chesney Poets & Pirates concert at Williams-Brice Stadium might have been better than the actual concert.
  • Macey’s donation to help soldiers during the Tailgating for Our Troops fund raiser gathered in over $24,000 in donations.





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