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Knob Creek Whiskey Recipes/Review

Posted by Brandon On October - 18 - 2014Comments Off on Knob Creek Whiskey Recipes/Review

Bourbon. For fans of this particular spirit just seeing the word probably already has you thinking about that aroma. It’s my favorite distilled product because whatever it ends up in just seems better. Pecan pie is good on its own. Throw some bourbon into it and it gets even better. Grilled lemonade is pretty great all by itself. Throw some bourbon in and it becomes your new favorite cocktail. Pretty awesome stuff. Bourbon. For fans of this particular spirit just seeing the word probably already has you thinking about that aroma. It’s my favorite distilled product because whatever it ends up in just seems better. Pecan pie is good on its own. Throw some bourbon into it and it gets even better. Grilled lemonade is pretty great all by itself. Throw some bourbon in and it becomes your new favorite cocktail. Pretty awesome stuff.


(Disclaimer: We did receive sample bottles of Knob Creek Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. The fact these samples were provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)symonburger

Recently I was contacted about Knob Creek whiskey and some recipes they had developed in conjunction with Chef Michael Symon. They offered up some samples to test a few out and I was happy to give them a whirl. All of the recipes seemed quite appealing, what else would you expect from a big name chef, so I decided to make life a little easier on myself and try just two to start with.  I felt like they, and the whiskey, would give me enough info that I could make a call on all of them. First I tried the Burger With Knob Creek® Caramelized Onions, Gruyere & Horseradish. The video they made for this recipe is here; I really had doubts that the onions would pick up any of that bourbon flavor but much like the things I mentioned above, they only got better. They were super simple to make and would be easy to incorporate into a tailgate party. If burgers frequently find their way onto your menus give these a chance.

I also took the opportunity to try the Bratwurst & Kielbasa in a Knob Creek Rye Jalapeño Beer Broth recipe. Rye whiskey is a spicier so it is really at home with strong flavors like jalapeno and red onion. You would not believe the smell that this recipe puts out. The brats that came out of it were super juicy, a great reason to use a bath/broth, and picked up a little of that flavor. The only thing I thought could be better on the recipe was the measurements, they don’t match what Chef Symon does in the video(he used a whole bottle of beer), and even more specifically the addition of the water to bring the total volume of the liquid up.  For what it’s worth, and I’m going rogue on this one, if you try this recipe I think grilling the sausage before hand might give you a little nicer end product.   It’s a technique that I’ve learned from my work with Johnsonville recipes.  I don’t have real scientific evidence to back it up, but I theorize that the sausage develops very small cracks in the casing when cooking and those cracks would allow some of that super tasty broth liquid inside the sausage while it soaks.

symonbratsDue to time and stomach, I was just plain stuffed, constraints I did not try the other recipes sent to me, but they sound just as good or better and every bit as applicable in the parking lot. They were the Grilled Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey Pork Meatballs on Skewers, Grilled Ribeye with Knob Creek® Bourbon BBQ Sauce, and the Grilled Korean and Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey BBQ-­‐Style Wings.   For space constraints I’ve decided not to pack all the recipes in long form onto this post.  You can get all the info from the end of the videos and many of the recipes, along with a lot more, are also listed on Knob Creek’s site.

Of course it wouldn’t be much of a review without tasting the whiskey by itself, neat. Now I’m really not the sort of guy who can sit there and tell you that there are notes of this and hints of that. What I can tell you is what I like, and I liked these whiskeys. They were exactly what I expected, and in a lot of ways that’s a very solid compliment. If I were to drop money on a bottle labeled bourbon or rye, and it tasted like something else I wouldn’t be too happy.

Normally a review would end here with my assessment on if a particular product has a place at your next tailgate. I’m deeming Knob Creek Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys “Tailgate Approved.”  Luckily I do have one last surprise for you all. Along with the review opportunity I was also able to bounce some questions of Chef Michael Symon himself. Yes that same Michael Symon you’ve seen on “The Chew”, “Iron Chef America”, and all over the airwaves.  However the interview pushed the length of the post way over what we like to do so it will be released soon in a separate post.  I think Chef Symon gave us a few nice little tidbits that you can probably apply to your next tailgate. Stay tuned for that.  Update 10/24/14: The interview with Chef Symon can be found here.

For more information and to see other recipes you can visit Knob Creek directly at www.knobcreek.com.

Tailgating: Old Tech vs New Tech

Posted by Dave On October - 17 - 2014Comments Off on Tailgating: Old Tech vs New Tech

College Football Tailgating

In looking at the calendar, we just realized that college football season is half way over. Half way!

Now before you start crying and getting the blues knowing that your opportunities to tailgate are slowly dwindling away, fear not. We have a solution that allows you to squeeze out more fun for the last remaining tailgates of the college football season. We recently teamed up with AT&T and will be publishing a three part series regarding #techgating.

What is #techgating? In a nut shell, #techgating is utilizing technology, whether it be on your smart phone, mobile apps, social media or even the newest tech hardware, to enhance your tailgating experience. Whether it is using tech to allow your friends to find your tailgating spot easier or to show the early college football games on your tablet or smart phone, using technology while tailgating has never been easier.

AT&T Techgating LogoIn Part One of our #techgating series, (Part Two will be a virtual tour of the AT&T Fan Zone truck and Part Three will include a big giveaway of a rather large gift card) we would like to show you how “new tech” can easily replace your “old tech”.

Most everyone today has a smart phone in their pocket. Many of you have a smart phone and a tablet. We all take our smart phones tailgating so we can stay in touch with others, take photos, keep up to date on our social media and even track scores of rival schools’ games underway while we are tailgating. An old way of keeping up with the early games was to drag out a portable electric source, more than likely a generator, hooking up cords to a satellite dish, locking in the satellite signal and then transmitting it to your TV you took off the wall of your living room. A few years ago, that was the way to go and you were on the cutting edge. Not anymore with the way technology has advanced.

Nowadays, you can up your game by utilizing something you already have in your pocket; your smart phone. Simply get an HDMI cable that on one end connects to your smart phone and the other end connects to your TV. Many college football games can be streamed onto your phone and with the HDMI cable or even Bluetooth, you can project the game from your phone to your TV screen for everyone at your tailgate to enjoy.

Tailgating SelfieIf bandwidth in order to stream the game is an issue, ask a friend to enable their smart phone to be a mobile hot spot. With AT&T’s Network, you can use the combined strength of the mobile hot spot, never miss a play of the early games while you grill up your tailgating grub for all of your adoring fans.

Taking another page from the #techgating playbook, you can pick up a mini HDMI projector that hooks up to your phone and can project the game onto a vertical flat surface. Grab a white, dry erase board, zip tie it to the frame of your pop-up tent, and you now have a big screen showing the game at your tailgate. That will sure be a crowd pleaser, especially when you can show your rival fumbling away the ball in their own end zone in the fourth quarter.

Lastly, a great way use new tech to enhance your tailgating experience, subscribing to a television service that can be picked up via your mobile device, like AT&T U-Verse, will bring your home TV to the parking lot. This way you can control what is viewed while tailgating right from your parking spot just as if you were on your couch at home. And we’re willing to bet and smell of brats on the grill beats the smell of your roommate’s ramen noodles boiling on the stove any day.

If you have other tailgating ideas on how to replace old tech with new tech while tailgating, leave them in the comments below. If it is a really awesome idea, we would encourage you to leave that suggestion on AT&T’s #techgating website, techgating.att.com. Once you visit there, you can tweet a picture, video or tip and make sure to include the hashtag #techgating for a chance to win a trip to the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship. Someone has to win. Why not you?

Stay tuned for more #techgating tips and our Part Two in this three part series next week. We visited the AT&T Fan Zone truck at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas prior to the Oklahoma/Texas Red River Showdown and got a private tour. We will post up the video and let you know what we found out.

TTS & Rollors now available from Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com

Posted by Dave On October - 15 - 2014Comments Off on TTS & Rollors now available from Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com

Tailgate TV StandRollors Tailgating Game
We are happy to announce that those tailgaters interested in purchasing either the Tailgate TV Stand or the tailgating game Rollors, you can now purchase them through our tailgating gear store, shop.tailgatingideas.com.

Last month we reviewed the Tailgate TV Stand and found it to be “Tailgate Approved”. The ability to set it up quickly and swivel your TV 360 degrees impressed us the most. After negotiations with the folks from TTS, we are now able to offer it for sale in our online store.

Rollors has been around for a few years now and we reviewed Rollors in 2011. It is a great tailgating game that combines elements of bocce ball, horseshoes and bowling. Now we have added it to our online store to help round out an already impressive and expansive selection of Tailgating Games.

Stop by shop.tailgatingideas.com and see what other cool tailgating gear we may have added since your last visit.

Feed the Party

Posted by Dave On October - 14 - 2014Comments Off on Feed the Party

Feed the Party Featured
You know you want to have some good eats while out tailgating but the hassle of making up the menu can be too much sometimes. Sometimes you would rather have someone else come up with the tailgate party menu and have all the grub delivered right to your door.

We recently discovered a new website out there called feedtheparty.com that will not only make up your tailgate party menu for you but will deliver it right to your door. In addition to that convenience, Feed the Party takes a portion of their proceeds and donates it to a local food bank. Take a look at this video where Feed the Party was showcased on ABC’s World News Now.

Jump to the 3:15 mark to see the section about Feed the Party

You get the gist from the video this is a service that will deliver the choicest meats, rubs, spices and buns directly to you. The best is that you don’t need to be hosting a large tailgate to use Feed the Party. They have packages to accommodate even an intimate tailgate for two. Check out some of their packages ranging from small to large.

Feed the Party Package
Feed the Party Package
Feed the Party Package
Feed the Party Package
Feed the Party Package

Upon learning about Feed the Party we requested a sample to see for ourselves if the quality of the food sent is really top notch and worthy of appearing at our tailgate. We were sent the “Party Starter” package which included steaks, burgers, pork chops, gourmet buns and spices.

Breakfast of Champions - Steak and Eggs

Breakfast of Champions – Steak and Eggs

(Disclaimer: We did receive a sample package from Feed the Party for free. The fact this sample was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

We brought the Feed the Party “Party Starter” to the San Diego Chargers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game a couple of weeks ago and we can honestly say the food and the quality did not disappoint. We did the NY Strips in the morning for a little steak and eggs to start the day off right. (We also added some bacon but then again, who is really going to argue about adding some bacon?) The steaks were tender and perfectly cut. Steak and eggs in the morning never tasted so good unless you have had them on the blacktop outside of a football stadium. We also added some grilled onions and mini peppers to round out the most important meal of the day. Although breakfast was an awesome meal, we didn’t stop there and grilled up some more Feed the Party grub before heading inside.

Gourmet burgers from Feed the Party

Gourmet burgers from Feed the Party

For lunch we hit the burgers from Feed the Party. We grilled up only four of the eight burgers that came in our Party Starter kit because they were rather big and we were still a little full from breakfast. Thankfully we had some guests join our party late and were able to share these burgers with them.

The burgers were great and full of flavor. I chose to wrap mine in lettuce leaves choosing the low carb route while our late arriving guests were not watching their carbs and went with the buns that came in the Feed the Party package. They commented how they loved the burgers and the buns really made the burgers complete.

(Those of you that follow Tailgating Ideas on Twitter and Instagram might recognize those photos. We shared them in real time on the day of the tailgate via those social media channels.)

Overall, the food from Feed the Party was outstanding. The speed and convenience of having your tailgate party food delivered directly to your door was exceptional and honestly, the price was excellent. The food included in the Party Starter package is priced at about $60 and when you factor in free shipping and not having to burn your own gas going to the store or the butcher shop, it is well worth the price.

If that wasn’t enough convincing, we mentioned earlier that a portion of each sale of a Feed the Party food pack goes to charity. Feed the Party is based out of Kentucky and their charity of choice is the Dare to Care Food Bank in Louisville, Kentucky. So if you not only want some quality tailgating grub and want to give back to the community at large, Feed the Party would be a great way to go about it.

With all things considered, the quality of food, the fast and free delivery and the price, we are going to definitely label Feed the Party “Tailgate Approved”. Of course we focus primarily on tailgating here but in addition to tailgating, any of the Feed The Party packages would be great for “Homegating”, when you want to have friends over to watch the game on TV when your team is on the road.

To learn more about Feed the Party or to pick up a package for your next tailgate party, visit: feedtheparty.com

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Giants Pitcher Madison Bumgarner is a tailgater at heart

Posted by Dave On October - 8 - 2014Comments Off on Giants Pitcher Madison Bumgarner is a tailgater at heart

I think it is safe to assume that Giants Pitcher Madison Bumgarner has gone tailgating a time or two. Last night after the Giants advanced to the National League Championship Series, Madison Bumgarner chugged five beers during the lockerroom celebration.

Although impressive, he could have used a Beer Bong so as to not waste so much beer going down his chest. Even better, maybe Bungarner and some of the other pitchers could use the Bongzilla if they advance to the World Series.





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