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Bojangles’ Tailgate Everything

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As a longtime advocate for simple tailgates, it should come as no surprise that I don’t think cooking on site is essential for a good time. In fact I’ve had great times when we had pizza or sub sandwiches. Fried chicken is another great grab and go type food, and if you’re in the Southeast you’ve probably even seen the bright yellow box of Bojangles’ chicken in the parking lot at some point. If you have it’s probably because Bojangles’ has one of the most noticeable tailgating-centric marketing plans that I’ve seen thus far.

Probably the best thing about Bojangles’ offerings is that they have large order pricing listed for just about all of their menu items. While we’ve all seen the “Family Size” or other large order type of listing, Bojangles’ is the only one that I know of that labels these options with the word “Tailgate.” Even though you might think of your tailgating group as family, if you’re out with the bros you might find it more comfortable to order your grub by using slightly less affectionate terminology.


Recently I received an email telling me that they upped their tailgate love by introducing the “Tailgate Everything” promotion. Among the things included on their site are some tailgating themed tips for managing your life, items for purchase, and some interesting recipes where you can turn their regular menu items into something different at your party. The section on tips for improving your tailgate really spoke to me, although I think given the current situation in Washington we might have a tough time booking the Blue Angels for a flyover, but fingers crossed nonetheless.skewersbiscuit

They were also kind enough to pass along some vouchers for samples so I decided to give a couple of these recipes, the Grilled Cheddar Bo Biscuits and the Roasted Chicken Bite Skewers a whirl. Both of which I’m pleased to say were easy to make, and quite tasty.

From Bojangles’/TailgateEverything.com
Grilled Cheddar Bo Biscuits

  • 1 Bojangles’ Biscuit
  • 2 slices of your favorite cheese, cheddar or smoked Gouda
  • liquid margarine
  • foil wrap


  1. Cut the Bojangles’ Biscuits in half
  2. Place the bottom half of the biscuit on a double layer of foil wrap 
  3. Place 2 slices of your favorite cheese on the bottom half of the biscuit
  4. Cover with the top of the biscuit and spray with liquid margarine
  5. Wrap in foil
  6. Place on a medium hot grill, cook 3 minutes on each side until cheese has melted
  7. Serve with grilled vegetables of your choice or grilled watermelon

From Bojangles’/TailgateEverything.com
Roasted Chicken Bite Skewers

  • 2 orders Bojangles’ Roasted Chicken Bites (freshly purchased)
  • 1 sweet red bell pepper
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 3 oz Italian salad dressing
  • 4 wooden skewers


  1. Soak wooden skewers in water for 30 minutes prior to using
  2. Cut peppers and onion into 8 pieces each
  3. String skewers alternating the already cooked chicken bites and fresh vegetables
  4. Place on medium grill and brush with Italian salad dressing, turn and continue to brush until the vegetables are cooked (to speed up the grilling process, wilt the vegetables in the microwave before assembling the skewers)

Even though we typically reserve the “Tailgate Approved” designation for product reviews, I think Bojangles’ is deserving of it here. They are making it easy for the fan on the run to swing by and grab some eats to enjoy before the game, and they’re even having some fun with it outside of the parking lot. You can see more  and enter to win some prizes at tailgateeverything.com and they’re on Twitter @Bojangles1977.

Jerry King Tailgating Cartoon #178

Posted by Jerry On October - 10 - 2013Comments Off

Not Mugger Tailgater

Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #129 – Sandra Kubicka Edition

Posted by Dave On October - 9 - 2013Comments Off

If you are an NFL tailgater or just a fan that watches on TV, you probably noticed the color pink on the players uniforms this past week. Even the referees had turned in their traditional yellow penalty flags for pink flags this past weekend. (Although the pink penalty flags are only a one week thing because the flags and pink towels that fell off of players were too confusing.) The reason for all this pink is because October is breast cancer awareness month. And because we want to get in on the act, we thought what better way to raise awareness (and a few other things while we are at it…) than to choose Polish model Sandra Kubicka decked out in pink NFL gear as our eye candy. You’re welcome and links follow the eye candy…

Sandra Kubicka

Sandra Kubicka

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FanMugs threeWe tailgaters love to show our support and spirit for our favorite teams outside the stadium in the parking lot just as much as we show it inside the stadium. Seeing how a fair share of beverage consumption occurs outside the stadium in the parking lots, you want to set yourself apart from your run of the mill tailgaters. Now you don’t have to be painted into a corner with showing your love of your team with just a regular old can koozie. Try on a FanMug for size.

FanMug Oklahoma Sooners

As you can see by the photos above, the FanMug is an authentic, miniature replica of your favorite football team’s helmet. The facemask is the handle and the 13.5 oz removable cup is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. You can place your can or bottle in the removable cup to use it as a koozie, or you can pour your cold or hot drink directly into the cup for use as an insulated mug.

The FanMug comes in a number of NFL and NCAA licensed teams. The NFL teams currently available are: Bears, Browns, Colts, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Jets, Lions, Packers, Patriots, Raiders, Ravens, Saints, Steelers and Texans. Take a look at some of the NCAA licensed FanMugs being used by real tailgaters. (Click images for larger, more detailed view)

The above gallery is just a few select NCAA teams available for your FanMug. All teams currently available are: Alabama Crimson Tide, Arkansas Razorbacks, Auburn Tigers, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Georgia Bulldogs, Kentucky Wildcats, LSU Tigers, Miami Hurricanes, Michigan State Spartans, North Carolina Tar Heels, Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners, Penn State Nittany Lions, South Carolina Gamecocks, Texas A&M Aggies, Texas Longhorns, Virginia Tech Hokies and West Virginia Mountaineers.

We were sent samples of three FanMugs. We received an Oklahoma Sooners, Oakland Raiders and a Spielman Gridiron Classic pink FanMug. The purpose of testing out the FanMug was to see how well it insulated and kept beverages cold, which type of beverages would fit in, the overall quality and craftsmanship and also how comfortable it was to hold in your hand.

(Disclaimer: We did receive a sample of the FanMug for free. The fact these samples were provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)
NFL Raiders detail
The first aspect we really liked was the attention to detail of the FanMug. As you can see in the close-up photo of the Oakland Raiders FanMug, the facemask clips and the screws are authentic and just smaller than those you would find on an authentic NFL or NCAA helmet. You can tell the creator of this product was a stickler for details and was a perfectionist.

We also tested how long it would keep a beverage cold. Without boring you with laborious details the bottom line is the FanMug keeps beverages colder longer than if you just were holding it in your hand. The fact that your hand is removed from the can and prevents that body heat transfer makes it a tremendous insulator.

The types of beverages it can hold varies from cans to bottles. Standard 12 oz. cans like a Bud Light or a Coca Cola fit well and slide in and out of the inner cup easily but do not rattle around. Taller and thinner cans like Coors Light cans do have a bit of wiggle room in the inner cup but I found a way to prevent that. Simply place one of those neoprene can koozies around the thinner can and the extra girth make for a nice snug fit into the FanMug. You can pour your can or bottle into the inner cup of the FanMug or even use it for some Irish coffee or a rum and Coke. When not tailgating you can use it for your morning coffee or on your desk as a pencil holder.

UNC FanMug holding handThe last test we conducted was how to comfortably hold it in your hand. Because we have a bigger hand than most people, the comfortable way for me to hold the FanMug was to place two fingers above the cross bar of the facemask on the top portion and my ring finger below. The FanMug sat comfortably in my hand and even with a full beverage in the inner cup did not weigh too much and felt natural sitting in my hand. The key is to make sure you hold the FanMug by the facemask as that portion of the product is designed to look authentic but is also meant to be used as the handle.

The FanMug comes all in one piece but can be separated into two pieces. The inner cup comes out and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher. It is also BPA free and is food grade plastic so you don’t have to worry about that if you choose to pour your drink into it and drink directly from the FanMug. The inner cup is also microwave safe so if your coffee gets cold at home or at the office, pop out the inner cup and zap it to warm it up and place it back in the helmet.

After thorough testing and based on functionality and the fact this is a unique way to support your team while tailgating, the FanMug is definitely “Tailgate Approved”.

FanMugs are priced $11.99 for an individual piece but if you buy a set of four, run $39.99. Shipping is reasonably priced too and if you go with the four pack, the shipping is very affordable. For more information or to buy your own, visit: FanMug.com.

Custom Can Koozies

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Whether your tailgating crew hosts a handful of people or a few hundred, you want your tailgate to stand out. Because most people prefer to wear jerseys or at the very least the home team colors, trying to brand your tailgate with apparel can be difficult and quite expensive. But why not brand your tailgate party with customized can koozies? We recently discovered Expressimprint.com where you can design can koozies online for your entire tailgating group.

express imprint Koozie Design

I know it is cliche to say, “it’s easy as 1, 2, 3″ but using the online design tools from Express Imprint it was just that simple.

Step 1: You choose the color of koozie you prefer.
Step 2: Add text to your koozie. It could be your tailgating crew’s name, your website, etc. You can even make it go straight across or arc up or down.
Step 3: Choose your graphics. Express Imprint has a wide variety of clip art to choose from that would fit with your tailgate party theme.

As you can see in the above photo, we chose a football themed graphic along with our website brand name to produce a pretty sharp looking customized koozie. And to be honest with you, the whole process took us less than three minutes to complete.

Another aspect of customizing your koozies is you have so many different koozie options to customize. They offer 10 different varieties of koozies including the thicker foam koozies and even koozies for bottles. So if your tailgating crew likes those expensive imports that only come in bottles, you can have a custom koozie for those folks as well.

Check it out and start customizing your can or bottle koozies for your crew in less than five minutes. Bulk orders reduce your unit costs and save you a little bit of money in the process.




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