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TV Report: Cleveland Muni Lot Tailgating Controversy

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Kickstarter: Kreweser

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Many of us have seen the Cruisin’ Cooler in the tailgating parking lots. Pretty cool but it was about time someone took that concept and improved upon it. Combining aspects of the BoomCooler with the Cruisin’ Cooler, comes this Kickstarter campaign.

Make sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign and pledge some dough if you think this is something you would like to see make a manufacturing production run and have one of them at your next tailgate party. Click HERE for more info.

Kreweser motorized cooler with girl

Kreweser motorized cooler with speakers

Video: Tailgate Fan – University of Missouri

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State Traditions game day apparel

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State Traditions San Diego Chargers Hat
We as tailgating nation love to show our spirit and passion for our teams before, during and after the game. Whether it is officially licensed gear from our favorite college or pro team or just the official colors, we love to sport our pride and support in new and unique ways.

We recently discovered State Traditions apparel and they put a new twist on showing your support for your team. They start with a piece of clothing like polo shirts, T-shirts, hats, visors and even have neck ties, bow ties, dog leashes, belts and even phone cases and money clips. They then embroider the outline of the boundary of the state of your choice onto your choice of apparel and match it to the traditional colors of that college or university. A great example would be a Texas fan would get a hat with the state of Texas embroidered on it in traditional burnt orange. Of course it does not say “University of Texas” or have the traditional longhorn logo but fans everywhere will recognize burnt orange and the state of Texas is all you need to show you are a Texas Longhorns fan.

Take a look at some of the examples of how State Traditions can take your college or university and match it to the official colors and the corresponding state the school calls home.

We requested a few samples of State Traditions apparel to test out and see the quality and craftsmanship that goes into their hats and shirts. Seeing how during football season we primarily tailgate the San Diego Chargers games, we decided to get a bit fancy with our selection. To show our love for the Chargers and the fact they reside in California, we went with traditional blue and yellow colors with the state of California embroidered in it. Because State Traditions matches colors to colleges and universities we chose the hat from the University of California, Berkley because they have the same colors as the San Diego Chargers. Fans of other NFL teams that share the same team colors as a major college in their state can do the same. Some that come to mind would be the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants fans could get blue and red hats. Atlanta Falcons fans could get a red and black polo and Indianapolis Colts fans a blue and white cap. It just all depends on if your favorite professional team shares the same colors as a major college or university in the same state.

After testing out the samples provided to us we are going to deem State Traditions game day apparel “Tailgate Approved”.

We loved the ability to show your spirit and support for your team in a new way while still sporting the colors of your favorite team. It seems as though everyone can pay the high prices required to get officially licensed apparel but State Traditions has brought a new way of showing how much you love your team in a classy and subtle way. If you are patriotic or proud of your heritage that may be from another nation, State Traditions also offers apparel in their America Traditions or World Traditions categories.

Prices vary depending on your choice of apparel but overall are very affordable. For more information or to purchase some game day apparel for yourself or a fellow tailgater, visit statetraditions.com

The Tailgater by Dish Network

The BROpener

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BROpener Featured

Have you ever been out tailgating and seen someone open up a bottle of beer using the edge of a table or a car bumper? It looks pretty cool to just strike the top of the bottle and the cap comes flying off.

We recently discovered the BROpener which allows you to turn nearly any surface into a bottle opener. The BROpener is an aluminum device that instead of marking up your table or counter top, is specifically designed to affix to a surface and turn it into a bottle opener. Take a look at their video they did for IndieGoGo.

As you saw in their video, BROPening beer bottles is pretty simple. Just instal the BROpener on a flat surface, notch the bottle cap in the slot at the top and hit the top of the bottle with your hand. Install the BROpener at waist height or lower on the edge of a sturdy counter, table, bumper of a car, etc.

BROpener Good and bad anglesUse the open hand technique at first and strike with the fatty part of your palm at the base of your thumb. The closed fist technique requires more precise alignment but is in no way difficult.

The key to BROpening is to have the correct angle on the bottle before hitting it. You can see in the image above it shows you the correct angle which is nearly vertical. The wrong angle is when the bottle is cocked further out which in turn makes it much harder and requires more force to get the bottle off. Don’t work harder, work smarter when using the BROpener. The proper angle will take the cap right off and the strong magnet on the BROpener will grab the cap and prevent it from falling to the ground.

We were approached by the folks at the BROpener to see if we could test out their product and offer up a review. We were sent a sample and chose to instal the BROpener on one of the tent legs of our pop-up tent we use for tailgating.

Our experience with the BROpener was a positive one. The BROpener was easy to instal and took seconds to apply to our tent leg. After seeing the proper way to angle the bottle in the BROpener we opened our first beer without an issue. No hitting it two or three times to get the cap off. One quick strike using our hand and the cap came off and immediately stuck to the magnet on the BROPener.

BROPener on hitchAlthough we chose to put the BROpener on our pop-up tent, there are hundreds of places you could instal one if you chose to get one. Places we thought of for tailgaters included, the bumper of your car, side of your grill, edge of your serving table, flag pole, cornhole boards, etc. The side of the beer pong table is just a no brainer as an obvious place that tailgaters would want to mount their BROpener.

After thoroughly testing the BROpener and based on it’s price ($14.99), portability, functionality and overall “coolness” factor, we are definitely going to deem the BROpener “Tailgate Approved”.

If normal bottle openers are just not your style or you hate it when you can never find one because someone walked away with it in their pocket accidentally, then the BROPener is for you. If you install the BROpener on the bumper of your car or the side of your beer pong table, as long as you are close by, you will never fear not having a bottle opener.

The Original BROpener Bottle Opener is red as you see in the images and is priced at $14.99. For a limited time, they are also offering the Silver Anodized BROpener Bottle Opener for the same price. Order two or more and get free shipping within the United States.

For more information including more videos of the BROPener in action opening up bottles in the British Virgin Islands or Alpine Meadows, check out their BROpener in Action section on their website. You can also check them out on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube and Google+.

To buy a BROPener or two, visit thebropener.com

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