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Tailgate Beer seeking tailgating crews

Posted by Dave On August - 15 - 2013Comments Off

Tailgate Beer in a CanBack in 2009, we first discovered Tailgate Beer. Since first taking a sip of Blacktop Blonde we have been big fans of this craft beer in a can. Not only does Tailgate Beer support tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle but they make some pretty damn good beer which is really the whole point.

Tailgate Beer started in San Diego as a craft brew but has been expanding to other parts of the country. Unfortunately Tailgate Beer is not found everywhere but they are trying to change that. That is where you come in.

The folks at Tailgate Beer have traditionally worked with local tailgate crews to help build some organic market-presence. By teaming up with prominent tailgating groups in the local areas, Tailgate Beer has been able to expose other tailgaters to their beer. In light of their new distribution footprint heading into the 2013 football season, Tailgate Beer has some states and areas that they are currently distributed in, but do not have crews to work with yet.

If you are a member of a tailgating crew or know of someone that is a member of a tailgating crew for the following teams and/or areas of the country, the folks at Tailgate Beer would like to hear from you. Areas and tailgating fans of the following teams are:

Seattle Seahawks
Chicago Bears
University of Minnesota
Philadelphia Eagles
University of Wisconsin

Michigan: University of Michigan, Michigan State and Detroit Lions
Northeast: New England Patriots, New York Jets and New York Giants

If you think you or someone you know meets the criteria Tailgate Beer is looking for to help them spread the word about Tailgate Beer, contact them HERE. Who knows what they have in mind. It might be providing your tailgate crew with free beer or banners or possibly something else. You’ll have to contact them directly and find out more details and also share with the folks at Tailgate Beer why you would be a good choice to represent their beer in your area.

Calling Thanksgiving tailgaters for newspaper article

Posted by Dave On August - 14 - 2013Comments Off

TurkeyWe received an email from a reporter today requesting to speak with a tailgater that has a great tailgating tradition for Thanksgiving. I thought this would be the best way to connect the reporter with the tailgaters out there that might fit this criteria. Here is the email we received.

Hey there —

I’m working on a short tailgating story for an upcoming football package, and am looking to talk to a tailgater who does a big Thanksgiving tailgate at season’s end. It would be ideal if you could connect me with someone in or near South Carolina, but not necessary.

Thanks so much!

Yours in good eats,

Hanna Raskin
Food Writer
Post & Courier
Charleston, SC
[email protected]
(843) 937-5560

As you can see, Hanna’s contact information was included so if you think you fit the bill and might be able to contribute to this news story, go for it. The deadline is August 15, 2013 in the afternoon, so if this description fits you, contact Hanna.

And since we are on the topic of Thanksgiving, why not include this “How To” video we did on How To Fry a turkey

DIY Portable Smoker

Posted by Brandon On August - 12 - 2013Comments Off

A while back I decided to purchase a small charcoal grill for use at my tailgates.  I had a full size Weber kettle at home, but it’s size just made it impractical for hauling around in our vehicles.  Anyone who has been in the market for a small grill before can attest to the wide range of options in the marketplace today.  The good news is that these days you’re not limited to what the local hardware store has, you can shop at any store or seller via the internet.  Because of this there is no need to settle on something.

After doing a fair amount of research I decided to go with a Weber Smokey Joe Gold.  Being an owner of 2 Webers already I knew that they made a solid product, and quite frankly I didn’t think I was going to find a better grill for $35 bucks.  I posted a brief review of the product on Amazon, which you can find HERE, listing my reasoning for choosing the Gold model over the slightly less expensive Silver.  In a nutshell I felt like the Gold was more suited to travel, and thus tailgating, vs. the Silver.  While I was doing my research I came across a very intriguing little modification that other Smokey Joe owners were doing to increase the capabilities of their little grill.


Now that term modification may be a misleading considering that there are no permanent changes that need to be made.  Through the addition of several additional components one is able to transform the small 14 inch grill into a decently sized smoker.  Weber enthusiasts are probably familiar with the bullet shaped Smokey Mountain smokers that they offer. And while I don’t have first hand experience with the Smokey Mountain I do know that they are solid pieces of equipment.  So what someone figured out was that if they added some sort of middle chamber, in this case a large pot, to the top of their grill they could, in essence, make the Smokey Joe into a “Mini” Smokey Mountain.  After giving this a try for myself I knew that I had to share my “Mini WSM” experience with you all.  Read on for a parts list and instructions on how to build your own.

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Tailgating Ideas on Instagram

Posted by Dave On August - 11 - 2013Comments Off

Instagram Logo

We went ahead and did it. Last week we announced that Tailgating Ideas is now on Pintrest and many of you responded by following our pin boards over there. Our latest announcement is that we have also joined Instagram.

For those unfamiliar with Instagram, it is a lot like Twitter in that it is micro-blogging with short, quick messages but the main difference is it is done with photo taken by mobile phones. Basically it is a picture sharing venue so you can keep up with your friends or interests (like tailgating) with photos online or via a mobile app.

The world is moving towards mobile devices more and more. Smart phones and tablets are the wave of the future and Instagram is keeping pace by allowing people to share their photos in a fast and convenient way. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so by using Instagram, we won’t need to be so verbose.

Check us out on Instagram and follow our photos. We go to a lot of fun places and see a lot of interesting things. Invariably those things will make it up in Instagram.

Best ways to smuggle alcohol

Posted by Dave On August - 7 - 2013Comments Off
49er fan security pat down

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Thursday marks the official return of football tailgating. Even though it is only the preseason, don’t tell that to the Bucs, Titans, Browns, Falcons, 49ers and Chargers fans who will all be tailgating prior to their teams hosting games August 8th.

With a new season comes new rules regarding what you can bring into the stadium and more importantly, how you can bring in your personal belongings into an NFL stadium. The NFL has adopted a new NFL bag policy for 2013 that limits the size and most notably, the transparency of bags allowed into NFL stadiums. In reaction to this NFL policy and also in consideration of the numerous rules that college football stadiums impose, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best ways to smuggle alcohol into stadiums, festivals, concerts or just anywhere where alcohol is not served or where alcohol consumption is frowned upon.

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