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Jerry King Tailgating Cartoon #176

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Early Parker Tailgater

OYO Sportstoys

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When it comes to tailgating table centerpieces or decorations, the old standby of a bouquet of flowers or some pom poms is trite and overdone. You still want to spruce up your tailgating table but don’t want something lame that everyone else might have. We recently discovered OYO Sportstoys which make a nice alternative to the same old table centerpieces you have seen everywhere.

OYO Sportstoys game

OYOs are licensed collectible minifigures that share the same individual likeness to professional sports players. These mini-figures feature rotating forearms, bending knees and the ability to hold a bat, glove, ball and even a water bottle. As you can see they look strikingly similar to those brand name building block toys that we can’t mention by name. And yes, they look strikingly similar to those brand name toys because they are also compatible with those brand name toys. Take a look at this video they put together in honor of the Broncos vs. the Ravens game that kicked off the 2013 NFL season.

OYO Sportstoys are all officially licensed by the NFL, Major League Baseball and select NCAA universities. They carry the official logos and with the professional leagues, carry the names and likeness of the star players. The folks at OYO contacted us and offered to send us samples of the San Diego Chargers Endzone Set along with a few Houston Texans figures for the Monday Night Football game that capped the first week of the 2013 NFL season.

(Disclaimer: We did receive samples of OYO Sportstoys for free. The fact these samples were provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

We set up the OYOs on our GoPong 8′ Football Beer Pong Table and made it look like a game. The Chargers set included all the big names you would expect including Phillip Rivers, Ryan Mathews, Antonio Gates and Eric Weddle. The thing I liked the best was that each figure actually looked very similar to the actual players all the way down to the goatee that Eric Weddle has. The attention to detail was phenomenal and with the officially licensed logos on it, these mini-figures are the real deal.

While tailgating that Chargers/Texans Monday Night Football game, we had numerous guests and other folks passing by that commented on how cool and different it was to have building block toys as a centerpiece on our tailgating table. The fact that we had a set up of the two teams that were set to play later on that night made it even better.

After testing out the OYO Sportstoys I am going to definitely say they are “Tailgate Approved”. They are a unique and fun was to spice up your tailgating table and are a definite conversation piece. If you are seeking something that will stand out and is not the same old mason jar full of flowers, OYO Sportstoys are the way to go.

My 5 year old son played his first year of T-ball last spring and he loves baseball. I am definitely going to consider getting him the Los Angeles Angels Field Set for his Christmas gift.

If you want to learn more about OYO Sportstoys, visit: OYOsportstoys.com

Featured Gear Friday: Kamikaze

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Since starting this tailgating blog back in 2007, we have tested, tried and demonstrated a lot of tailgating gear. That translates into a lot of tailgating product reviews. Some have been good and some have been bad. But because we are a blog, a great product we discovered two or three years ago may be lost in the tons of posts we have published after discovering it. Maybe you are a new reader and haven’t had the time to browse every single post we have done in the past seven years. In order to help out the tailgaters that might not have read about some of these cool tailgating products, we will be doing a feature on products we reviewed a while ago. We call it Featured Gear Friday and this week’s product is: The Kamikaze Liquor Shots Shooter

Charger Fan Doing Kamikaze Shot

As you can see in the above photo, The Kamikaze is a new and fun way to dispense liquor shots while out tailgating. We always take it tailgating with us to the San Diego Chargers games and it always gets a great response.

In short, the Kamikaze is a dual-chambered beverage dispenser that keeps liquor and mixers separate until they are mixed together and sprayed into an awaiting mouth. There are no batteries to load and the pressure to spray is created by just a few pumps of the plunger. The shot comes out of the sprayer in a direct stream and you can adjust the liquor to mixer ratio by turning the dial. Turning it to No. 1 and you will get a weaker shot with more mixer than liquor. Turning it all the way to the No. 4, you will get a lot more alcohol and very little mixer. Determine how strong or weak of a shot you and your tailgate party guests would like and serve up some shots in a fun and interactive way.

Charger Fan Doing Kamikaze ShotCharger Fan Doing Kamikaze Shot

The beauty of the Kamikaze (outside of the obvious ability to shoot liquor shots into people’s mouths) is the fact that it has two chambers. The liquor is in the rear reservoir while the mixer goers in the front reservoir. So if you make a bad batch of shots you don’t have to throw the whole thing away. Just open up the front reservoir and dump out the inexpensive mixer and the more expensive vodka, tequila, rum, etc. stays quarantined and safe. There are drink recipe suggestions on the back and it even has measuring lines so you can put in multiple mixers without having to dirty a measuring cup.

We have written a review on the Kamikaze, which conversely was originally called The Party Starter, and you can read all about the different features and even see a number of fun and interesting videos. We would suggest putting on your headphones because although the videos are not 100% NSFW they are a bit risque and have some salty language in them.

To get one of your own, you can buy the Kamikaze Liquor Shots Shooter in our online store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.

Video: Super fast beer bong while tailgating

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I have seen some pretty fast beer bongs in my time while tailgating but this guy takes the cake. Shot at what appears to be a Kenny Chesney tailgate this summer, this tailgater is not to be challenged when it comes to beer bonging. If there is video out there of someone doing one faster, we want to see it.

UNC Charlotte Tailgating Grill

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UNC Charlotte Tailgating Grill

Much to the chagrin of tailgaters everywhere, the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill, and to a larger extent the Freedom Grill FG-50, are not completely extinct but spotting one in a tailgating parking lot is like seeing a 1956 Desoto on a road trip. We even gave these grills a proper send off when we wrote the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy back in March of 2012. Reader Brent emailed us saying he had customized his Margaritaville Grill and wanted to share photos of it. His email said,

Hey Guys,

My alma mater has finally started a football progam and it’s off to a great start. To support my Charlotte 49ers, I’ve customized my Margaritaville Grill and would like to send you pics for your website. Where/how can I send you pics of my grill?

Thanks, Brent

As you may have guessed, we were definitely interested in seeing his handy work. He sent in the photos and check it out. (Click images to see larger, detailed view)

As you can see in the above gallery, Brent’s attention to detail was unrivaled and he even customized his propane tank.

Nice work Brent and glad to see the few grills out there getting some spirit.




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