Which is Better for Tailgating? Gas or Charcoal

When it comes to tailgating, the two predominant fuel sources for our tailgating grills are propane and charcoal. I am sure there are some tailgaters out there that use alternative fuels sources like the Flame Disk but we can all agree that charcoal and propane are the two you see the most powering those tailgating grills. Now it is your turn to let the tailgating world know why you prefer to use one over the other.

Gas versus charcoal

In another upcoming issues of Tailgater Monthly Magazine, I will be tackling the issue of why some tailgaters will only use one type of heat source when it comes to their tailgating grills. Maybe you prefer propane because it heats faster, is a more controllable heat source and cools down faster when it is time to head into the game. Maybe you prefer charcoal because it gives your meat a better flavor or your charcoal grill transports better than your backyard gas grill. You, the tailgaters, need to let me know why you grill with either propane or charcoal.

Please post a comment below or email me at: dave [at] tailgatingideas dot com if you would like your opinion heard. Keep in mind your comments and quotes may be used in the upcoming article in Tailgater Monthly Magazine.

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2 thoughts to “Which is Better for Tailgating? Gas or Charcoal”

  1. I’m a charcoal griller, and for me it’s little more than a matter of tradition. I can’t really use the flavor excuse, since I’m rarely cooking anything in the lot for long enough to take advantage of it, but back when I bought the grill that would ultimately become my first tailgate grill, it was charcoal, and I’ve been a charcoal man ever since. And after all, what’s sports–and by extension, tailgating–without tradition?

  2. Whether you cook over a gasser or Charcoal you can get the richness of wood using wood chips or the Mojopuck by Appalachian Smoker brand. The latter no need for water. Cooking over wood is not always an option especially in close quarters but using the Appalachian Smoker takes the hassle out of cooking over wood on the go. I like gas tailgating becuase its more convenient. At home I use lump charcoal pretty much exclusively and add the A.S. Mojopuck for flavor.

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