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Larry GaianWe are about to close the book on 2012 and with 2013 visible in the distance, we wanted to introduce you to Larry Gaian, our newest contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Larry Gaian in New York City of all places, while the both of us were tabbed to be “influencers” on the Visa #MakeitEpic promotional campaign. (More details on that experience and how we got to meet Super Bowl MVP and former Pittsburgh Steeler great Hines Ward later…) I was chosen to participate in the campaign talking about tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle while Larry was chosen to speak about all things grilling and BBQ related.

Larry is also a blogger and his website, The BBQ Grail, has become one of the more popular BBQ blogs on the internet. While in New York, Larry and I had the pleasure of talking about tailgating and naturally the conversation veered towards grilling, smoking and BBQ in general. By the time our short trip to the east coast was coming to an end, we came up with an idea on how we might be able to join forces and promote tailgating and grilling together.

Larry’s contribution to TailgatingIdeas.com will mostly be in the form of recipes that are all designed for the grill. Depending on the season, these recipes will vary in taste and flavor and some will be geared towards using a smoker or charcoal or even recipes that are better for propane grilling. What you can expect are recipes and grilling techniques that are specific to outdoor cooking and are at home in the tailgating parking lot.

Please join me in welcoming Larry Gaian to the TailgatingIdeas.com team and stay tuned for his first contribution, the Original MOINK Ball, coming soon. Welcome aboard Larry. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in the future.

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