Weekend Wrap-Up #140: Katrina Bowden Edition

39 Days. That’s right. Just 39 more days until college football officially gets underway with a slate of Thursday night games set for August 29th. Probably the biggest match-up for that night might be North Carolina at South Carolina but honestly, it’s college football. It’s back and that means tailgating in it’s purest and most widely recognized form will be back and embraced for months on Thursdays and Saturdays around the country. If you can’t wait for college football tailgating at the end of the month, you can get some NFL pre-season tailgating starting on August 8th. That’s only about three weeks away for those of you marking off your calendar’s like a prisoner doing a 20 year sentence. So in honor of the football season being so close, we thought this edition of the weekend wrap-up we should feature Katrina Bowden.

Katrina Bowden bears a striking resemblance to Stacy Keibler but you probably most recognize her for her portrayal of Oz’s girlfriend in the movie American Reunion and also as Cerie on 30 Rock. No matter where you know her from, Katrina Bowden is our pick to countdown to the start of football season for this year. Links follow the eye candy.

Katrina Bowden

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