Weekend Wrap-Up #129: Cora Skinner Edition

I’m not sure when the memo was passed out to the female species that Halloween is the holiday to dress as sultry and sexy as possible and the world will just come to expect it. I for one would like to thank whomever was in charge of writing and distributing that memo. Tonight on the eve of Halloween 2011 we’d like to offer up Cora Skinner modeling one of a number Halloween costumes you’re more than likely going to see on Monday. We’d like to say thanks to Don Chavez for posting up about 30 photos of Cora Skinner in different Haloween costumes and would encourage you to go over there and visit to see the entire gallery. For those interested in news and opinions about tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle, stay right here and click the links below the photo.

Cora Skinner Harry Potter Haloween Costume

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