Weekend Wrap-Up #125: Courtney Vaughn Edition

A few weeks ago we got an email suggesting we feature model and recording artist Courtney Vaughn in one of our link dump segments. Sure, the email was probably from her manager or her publicist but they were kind enough to send photos so who are we to question the source? I guess we also should note that she has a song out that is a cover of the old MC Luscious tune Boom I Got Your Boyfriend. Links follow the photo:
Courtney Vaughn
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• College Football 2011: The Top 50 Games to Tailgate at This Season
• The Ten Commandments of Tailgating
Breadless Meatball Subs
• Tailgating parties make smooth move to new College World Series stadium
• Save The Environment AND Get Drunk at the Same Time
• Midlife Matters – Tailgating

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