Weekend Wrap-Up #123: Kacie McDonnell Edition

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who’s Kacie McDonnell?”. Well, even if she was some random girl trying to break into modeling you would have to agree she deserves a spot in one of our link dump posts. She is not only deserving on looks alone but also is one of the hottest and newest WAGs (abbv: wives and girlfriends of athletes and celebrities) since last Thursday. That’s because Christian Ponder, the Florida State Quarterback, was drafted in the first round by the Minnesota Vikings. And because Kacie McDonnell is Christian Ponder’s girlfriend, she instantly became one of the hottest WAGs out there. So there you have it. Not only did Christian Ponder score big time by getting drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft but it appears he has already scored a few touchdowns in the hot girlfriend department. Links following Kacie McDonnell…
Kacie McDonnell
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