Weekend Wrap-Up #122: Jaime Edmondson Edition

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Two storied franchises with loads of football history and rabid fan bases behind them will square off for the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Right about now everyone is an expert and offers up their predictions on who they think will win. Not to be left out I’ll offer up my opinion on who I think will win in visually stunning fashion by Jaime Edmondson. Enjoy the Super Bowl and links follow the prediction…

Jaime Edmondson Green Bay Packers

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• Adam Goldstein, the British NFL Super Fan wrote his book and it is entitled Tailgate to Heaven
Let the Tailgating Begin
• Early Super Bowl tailgating
• A large grilling unit that looks like a roll-off truck
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• How To Host A Football Tailgating Party – RV Style
• Super Bowl drink recipe: Beer Punch
Super Bowl Tailgating With Wine
• At Wake Forest, The future of football tailgating appears bleak
• At Arizona State, Sparky’s Lawn Is Gone and Tailgating Locations Decreased
Vegan Tailgating Appetizer
• Are you ready for some football … recipes?

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