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Weekend Wrap-Up #118: Sarah Frechette Edition

Posted by Dave On November - 14 - 2010

The Lingerie Football League has been in the news lately. Not because one of the players had a major “wardrobe malfunction’ but because Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett has said no to the Lingerie Football League establishing a franchise there. In all fairness, the OKC Mayor only said he would be opposed to a franchise using a city owned facility to host its games. My only question to Mr. Cornett is, “have you seen the outfits the OKC Thunder Cheerleaders wear?”. If he has an issue with women running around in public buildings with little clothing on, he might want to check Oklahoma City Arena first. After all, who wouldn’t want the likes of Sarah Frechette bringing her talents to your city? Links follow the pic:

Sarah Frechette

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