Weekend Wrap-Up #113: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Edition

I am not much into fashion shows. Nor am I much into the Miami Dolphins. But when I find a video on YouTube of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders doing a swimsuit calendar release party….. Well, then it comes a time when you just can not share these things. Remember – College football season is less than a week away. Links follow the video:

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• Douchebags You’ll Find At a College Football Game
• The Drunken Tailgate shares 10 Time-Tested Tailgating Tips
• Texan Mark’s Tailgate Guides WVU Tailgate and Visitors Guide ’10
• Now that’s juicy: 8 burger recipes
• No tailgating before sunrise? What is this world coming to?
• Bacon S’mores – Making A Classic Even Better
• General tips for parking lot tailgating
• Eye on Tailgating: Orange and Green Jello Shots
Georgia football tips for fans
Grilled Mini Caprese Pizzas
• It’s the most wonderful time of the year, football fans
• A Tailgaters View of Preseason Games
• Browns fans unhappy with city of Cleveland’s decision to cut tailgating hours at Muni Lot
• Houston Texans installed an Air Horn designed to bring tailgaters in
• Make Your Tailgating More Green And Save The Planet
• WVU makes changes to ‘The Pit’
Kick’n Tailgate Sausage Balls
• UC Davis introduces tailgating as pilot program
• New rules fail to deter tailgating parties at Mitchell Stadium
• Money saving tips for tailgating
• No change in Central Michigan tailgating rules taking place this fall; policies limit alcohol, require passes for lot 63
• Official Mizzou Student Tailgating Spot Chosen
• How To Tailgate In Gainesville, Florida
• Comparing England’s Pub Culture and America’s Tailgating Rituals
• Tailgating isn’t just a pastime, it’s an American right
• ASU Police target underage drinking at football tailgates
• Central Louisiana football fans relish tailgating
Will tailgate restrictions work at Iowa?
• The Iowa Magic Bus may return to spot across from Kinnick
• Off to see the pope? No tailgating, please
• City of Cleveland Dropping the Ball with Tailgating
• Saints open $13.5 million tailgate party area called ‘Champions Square’
• Sheriff Says Tailgate Crackdown Could Prove Taxing
• Changing tailgating for the better, or knuckling under?

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