Weekend Wrap-Up #112: Melanie Collins Edition

This week’s lesson in “How to Properly Use Twitter” is brought to you by none other than Melanie Collins. Who is Melanie Collins you ask… Well, she’s a former bikini model that has turned her propensity for looking scorchingly hot in a bikini into a gig as a reporter for the Big 10 Network. She’s also on Twitter, @melanie_collins, with over 5,000 stalkers, er, followers. As you can imagine, a hot girl talking about sports in a football crazy league like the Big 10 would tend to garner a few followers on Twitter. So when Melanie Collins tweeted that her sources were telling her that Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier was going to transfer, she immediately recognized the error of her ways. Despite deleting the tweet minutes later, the damage was done. The news took off like wildfire within the sports blogosphere and the UM message boards and Google searches for Melanie Collins just made a jump.

So here is the moral of the story – be a responsible tweeter and think before you press send. Much like drunk dialing your ex-girlfriend after 3 am, what you tweet may come back to haunt you. A wise man once said, “You never regret the things you DON’T say.” Keep that in mind when using Twitter. Links follow the pic:

Melanie Collins

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