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Weekend Wrap-Up #111: Shanna McLaughlin Edition

Posted by Dave On August - 16 - 2010

Football season is weeks away. The NFL pre-season really got underway this past weekend with all 32 teams getting to hit someone in a different color jersey. College football is getting close too with those undergrads sweating it out in two-a-days right now. One college football school that has really stepped up their game recently is the University of Central Florida. Although their football team has not been traditionally stellar, UCF has produced famous NFL players like Brandon Marshall, Daunte Culpepper and Asante Samuel. What UCF does excel at is tailgating. And of course that would be the main reason why UCF would be a great spot to put on your list of tailgate parties to try and hit this year. You may even spot Playboy Playmate Shanna McLaughlin tailgating.

Shanna McLaughlin recently ruffled some feathers around UCF stemming from her provocative photo shoot (see the video of the making of the photo shoot) for the August 2010 cover of aXis Magazine. You can read all about the controversy over at Guyism (with additional pics) but in all honesty I would think UCF would welcome this kind of publicity. If I was a high school senior deciding on what colleges to apply to, after seeing that magazine cover, UCF would definitely be in the running. Links follow the pic:

Shanna McLaughlin Lockerroom Photo shootUCF

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