Weekend Wrap-Up #110: Comic Con Edition

This past weekend was the annual Comic Book Convention (Comic Con) down in San Diego. There are tons of comic conventions all over the country but apparently the San Diego one attracts the biggest crowd. I’ll be honest with you. While growing up in San Diego, I used to collect vintage comic books. I had a paper route and spent quite a bit of my money that earned on comic books. I even begged and pleaded with my parents to let me go to the Comic Con. At that time it was in a dingy hotel in downtown San Diego near the local plasma bank. I was 11 and 12 years old at that time. My how things have changed.

Now Comic Con in San Diego is no longer full of 27 year-old nerdy, dorky guys living in their parent’s basement watching reruns of Star trek and wondering what it is like to kiss a girl. Now it has evolved into a full blown tourist attraction for Sci-Fi fans or anyone looking to show their wild side. Part of that wild side is the costumes some of the people wear. Correction: the costumes the women choose to wear. So now Comic Con has joined the ranks of Halloween as one of the days that affords women the opportunity to dress very suggestively and no one seems to bat an eye or raise an eyebrow.

So my question to the tailgaters is: “Is Comic Con an event that is worthy of tailgating?”. After all, tailgating is no longer just reserved for sporting events or concerts. You can tailgate just about anything. So judging by some of the photos from COED’s Colossal Comic-Con Cleavage Collection this might be something to consider tailgating next year. Links follow the pic:

Hot Comic Con Girl

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