Weekend Wrap-Up #109: Spain World Cup Champions Edition

A few weeks back the Mid-Week Eye Candy Wrapper #93 featured a photo of Marisol Gonzalez in soccer gear looking rather lovely. Although I am not a huge soccer fan I couldn’t resist sharing that photo. Also since the Americans had just gotten bounced out of the World Cup it didn’t look like a shameless pandering to gain more page views by posting a picture of a really hot girl. In that same vein, today’s wrap-up girl not only is a shameless pandering for page views but is timely in regards to the World Cup Championship game was today. Spain overcame their hideous display of blatant flopping to win 1-0 over the Netherlands. The flopping in this game was so bad that even Vlade Divac was a bit embarrassed. So why not post a sexy soccer gal holding, what else, a red card. Links follow the soccer gal.

Soccer hottie

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