Weekend Wrap #51: Post-Valentine’s Day Edition

news_wrap.jpgHopefully you and your wallet survived Forced Affection Day Valentine’s Day. There is nothing like a day wrought with indecision based on what and how much you should buy your significant other on February 14th. Do you risk looking like a cheapskate and hedge on the low end? After all, we are in a recession and nothing screams “waste of money” like something you know will be thrown away within a week, a.k.a. flowers. Do you go unoriginal and go with the box of chocolates and run the risk of your wife’s ass expanding to the width of that BBQ grill you wished you received? The only way I can see a Valentine’s Day well spent would be tailgating with the one you love. Then again, if you can find a woman who will spend V-day tailgating, you better marry her right then and there before someone else steals her away. Now on with this week’s links…

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