Weekend Wrap #39: BCS Mess Edition

news_wrap.jpgAfter watching Oklahoma take Texas Tech to the woodshed this evening one thing became crystal clear to me. The BCS sucks donkey balls and we need a play-off in college football.

The fact that either Texas Tech, Oklahoma or Texas will be left out of a BCS game is ridiculous. But the way the current system is set up, that will more than likely happen. And enough with this charade the college presidents always bring out each year about how a playoff would negatively impact the players class time. Apparently the students that play in FCS (formerly Div. 1-AA) Division II and Division III, who all have playoffs, can handle the playoffs better with their current course load but kids in the BCS schools can’t? Give me a break. It’s time for these university presidents and conference commissioners to man up and admit they make a boat load of money off the backs of these kids. And spare me the argument about how these kids benefit with free education. The cost of tuition their scholarship covers is a drop in the ocean of cash these guys are making off of them. We need a playoff and college players need to be getting a bigger piece of the pie. But that is for another rant for another week. Now on with this week’s links…

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