Weekend Wrap #38: Wildfire Edition

news_wrap.jpgBy now you have probably seen or heard the news about the numerous wildfires that broke out in Southern California on Saturday. One of the reasons why this edition of the Weekend Wrap is coming to you on Sunday rather than the normal Saturday time slot, blame it on the fires. I was out tailgating in support of the Cal State Fullerton football team making a return when the wife called and said that the fires were getting close to our home. I packed up and headed home but by the time I got close to the freeway exits I would normally take, police and fire trucks were blocking the exits and were directing traffic to continue on the freeway. Let’s just say I made a few driving maneuvers that my driver’s ed teacher would kill me for but I was determined to get home to my family.Thanks goodness for cell phones because I was able to stay updated on our neighborhood’s status and if we were being asked to evacuate. The good news is that the winds shifted and there was no need for us to evacuate. Unfortunately for our house to be spared, others were lost.

So, I know this edition of the weekend wrap is a day late but I think I have a good excuse. Alright, hope everyone is safe out there and on with the links…

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