Weekend Wrap #23: NFL Hall Of Fame Edition

news_wrap.jpgSo I was watching the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on TV today. One thing that struck me as strange was the amount of credit that God and Jesus Christ get when something good happens. Darrell Green and Fred Dean both went on and on about their faith in God and how they attribute a lot of their on the field success to the big man upstairs. Whether you are a believer or not will remain out of the debate but I was wondering how much of a stake God really has in these mens’ lives? If he was always watching over them, how come their teams were not undefeated? Did they ever give God the credit for dropping a pass, missing a tackle or getting burned deep on a fly pattern? I doubt it. The funny thing is God gets all the credit when something good happens but the player will always blame the refs themselves when something bad happens. In a strange coincidence, TailgatingIdeas.com has been experiencing much success lately with increased traffic and interest from potential advertisers. I definitely have to give all the credit to God for my recent good fortune and success. Not an ounce of credit goes to me spending hours upon hours of writing and researching this stuff on here. Don’t think for one minute that this blog’s success has anything to do with me. Praise be to Allah and on with the links…

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