Videos: Jimmy Buffett vs. Kenny Chesney Tailgating

The debate rages. Which musical fan base tailgates better? Jimmy Buffett fans or Kenny Chesney fans?

I recently came across these two videos that are a pretty good representation of both. So now it is up to you to decide. Cast your vote on who tailgates better in the comments section below.

Jimmy Buffett Tailgating

Kenny Chesney Tailgating

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3 thoughts to “Videos: Jimmy Buffett vs. Kenny Chesney Tailgating”

  1. Well the Chesney Tailgator has two partiers that are wearing Parrot hats that you see jimmy Buffett fans wear… SO Buffett Wins “Since They are trying to reason with a Jimmy Buffett Party Season….”

  2. Chesney fans are younger but Buffett’s the original. I’d say anyone that gets fans partying in the lot hours and hours before show time is a winner. This all begs the question…which beer is better; Landshark Lager, or Corona?

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