Video: UNM Tailgaters Upset With New Parking Fees

Apparently free parking is only available on a corner of a Monopoly game board these days. The University of New Mexico is now charging tailgaters $5 per vehicle that has less than four people inside. NFL tailgaters who are accustomed to paying much higher parking fees may not have much sympathy for these Lobo fans but anytime something was free last year and now costs this year, people are going to get upset. Check out this report logged by the local Albuquerque NBC affiliate.

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One thought to “Video: UNM Tailgaters Upset With New Parking Fees”

  1. I’m not against charging–I’ve paid more than that to park/tailgate at college games and much more a pro games–and I’m not against carpooling–it’s good for the environment, etc. But it’s worth noting that if you’re tailgating, four people in your car may no longer be feasible. I know my car–granted, it’s a Honda Civic–becomes a 2-seater when I pack to tailgate, and even smaller SUVs may have this same issue.

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