Video: Tailgating Beer Bong Fail

There are a few life lessons taught in this video.

1) Never try to handle a beer bong that is taller than you.

2) Never let your ego write checks your liver can’t cash.

In all seriousness, this video goes from bad to worse to really scary in about 2 minutes. Hope this kid is alright.

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2 thoughts to “Video: Tailgating Beer Bong Fail”

  1. Not one person thought to call 911? That’s why binge/speed drinking isn’t on my tailgating agenda. At least in this video everyone wasn’t still laughing after the guy dropped.

  2. That kid ain’t old enough to be drinking. And even if he is, as you said, he shouldn’t have been biting off more than he could … uhh … drink.

    And you gotta love how so many different drunk people thought they knew the best thing to do in that situation.

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