Video: Penn State Blue/White Tailgating

Many may argue that other Big 10 schools have great tailgating, but from what I have seen, Penn State seems to have y’all covered. Maybe it is because State College, Pa is in the middle of nowhere and what else are you going to do for fun other than tailgate? Anyway, this video is from the Penn State Spring Football Blue/White Game. That’s an intrasquad game that’s not even a real game and tons of people showed up to tailgate it. Just another example of unrelenting jackassedness. (Warning: Video does contain some strong language that is definitely NSFW.)

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One thought to “Video: Penn State Blue/White Tailgating”

  1. I currently go to penn state, so its awesome to see my school get some love. the blue-white game is just an excuse for people to come up and tailgate. While there was 76,000 in the stands, there had to been another 15,000 who never even went into the game, but just stayed outside tailgating.

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