Video: Miami Dolphins Tailgaters Recreate “Das Boot” From The Movie Beerfest

Did you ever see the movie “Beerfest“? The lowbrow comedy that was released in 2006 by the comedy group Broken Lizard. If have seen it or not, there is a portion of the movie where the competitors need to chug a beer out of mug shaped like a boot. The main challenge was the inevitable air bubble “popping” and throwing off the drinkers rhythm. We found a few Miami Dolphins tailgaters at Land Shark Stadium who attempted to recreate that famous scene.

In the first video I’m embarrassed for the guy on the left. Seriously, Alice. Does your husband know you chug beer like a girl? But at least he saves it with a weak air drumming to the Led Zeppelin at the end.

Now this next guy deserves a spot in the beer drinking Olympics. Take a look at the time line on the video when this guy starts drinking. by my calculations this guy takes the entire boot down in less than 10 seconds. Color me impressed.

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