Video Demo: Freedom Grill vs. Coleman RoadTrip Grill

Have I mentioned lately how much I am in love with my Freedom Grill? Seriously, I have only been tailgating with the Freedom Grill FG-50 at one game this year and I am already starting to wonder how I tailgated without it.

To show how awesome of a grilling machine the Freedom Grill is, I put together a video demonstration focusing on how easy it is to use compared to my old tailgating grill.

Get your own Freedom Grill.

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One thought to “Video Demo: Freedom Grill vs. Coleman RoadTrip Grill”

  1. I want nothing more than to have a freedom grill of my own. Right now I have the red Roadtrip LXE, and in its defense, it sets up a lot faster than the model you demonstrated. It does take up more room though since the legs dont detach. I promised myself one more season with the Coleman, then FREEEEEEEDOM!!!

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