Video: Comedian Jim Florentine Tailgating at Giants Stadium

You may recognize Jim Florentine from his stand-up routines on Comedy Central or his voice from the show Crank Yankers. No matter how you know him his dry sense of humor and deadpan delivery makes him unique. Here he is pranking some Giants tailgaters in the parking lot.

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One thought to “Video: Comedian Jim Florentine Tailgating at Giants Stadium”

  1. Great bit. I’m an Eagles fan, so my reaction as he unzipped to reveal the Eagles jersey was “YEA–BOOOOOOOO”once I realized exactly what jersey it was. And on the heels of the Eagles-Giants game this past weekend, I had assumed that’s where he was, so I was even more amused to hear it was Giants-Redskins. Gotta love the rivalries in the NFC East.

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