Video: Bucketo

Looks like there is a new tailgating coming out called Bucketo. We haven’t had a chance to test it out because it is still in the early stages of development. (They are on Kickstarter if you want to invest.) Check out the video and see if this would be a game you would want to play out in the parking lots while tailgating.

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2 thoughts to “Video: Bucketo”

  1. So what’s stopping me from going to Home Depot and buying a bucket and some plastic chains and making my own? I’m sure it would be a lot of cheaper and would basically be the same game.

  2. I see that their website is now taking online orders and I’ve ordered 3 sets.

    I was able to play this game for just a little bit and it’s SERIOUSLY FUN, and it’s FAR LESS costly than cornhole… and hardly takes up any space in my compact car – perfect for tailgating!


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