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Video: Bro Dudes Giants Tailgate

Posted by Dave On August - 18 - 2009

I watched this video twice and I’m still saying WTF? Then I read the explanation that comes along with the video on YouTube. It still doesn’t make much sense but here it is:

We parked next to the Broiest bros at the Giants game, this is what they did for the hour we were there, then they offered to let us try. Here’s AJ taking his Bro initiation. Dunk your head in ice for 10 seconds, get a styrofoam cooler smashed on your head, chug a beer. If any of your dudes see this, please let me know next game you will be attending so we can chill again. thanks. 

In addition to acting like idiots who give tailgaters a bad rep, someone needs to tell the jackass camera operator to keep his finger out of the lens at the 38 second mark. Hey Giants fans, these guys aren’t helping to kill that stereotype that most people think you are all a bunch of douche bags.



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3 Responses to “Video: Bro Dudes Giants Tailgate”

  1. raiderhater says:

    that was an epic Failure.. Wow.. Giants Tailgaters lost some points right there.

  2. Why’d the dude in the Olajuwon jersey start dry humping him? Better yet, if dude was going to wear a throwback basketball jersey to a Giants game, why not a Ewing jersey instead? Giants fans, as this video points out, are the greatest … at least in their own mind.

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