Tuesday T&A: Misa Campo Edition

I’m a sucker for a hot girl in a sports jersey. Hot girl in a San Diego Chargers jersey? Even better. So for this week’s edition of the Tuesday T&A, here is Misa Campo. She seems a bit conflicted on her sports allegiances. She’s wearing a Chargers jersey in one pic and then a Montreal Canadiens jersey in another. Whatever team she is rooting for I am sure you’ll be cheering right with her. H/T to the boys at TailgatingTimes for discovering this little nugget. Full gallery available after the jump.



Images of Misa Campo appear courtesy of MisaCampo.com.


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One Response to “Tuesday T&A: Misa Campo Edition”

  1. <path_to_url> Lightning

    Ki, such a sight to be seen. Damn, what
    a Babe.