Tuesday T&A: Jesse Jane Edition

I am trying something new here if you couldn’t tell. I’ve already established that this blog is not all about tailgating all the time. This is one of those times. I call this the Tuesday T&A.

If you enjoy these photos and want to see the Tuesday T&A become a regular feature on Tailgatingideas.com, leave a comment. On the flip side, if you think this is a gratuitous display of the female form just to attract more readers, well, guilty as charged.

The future is in your hands. Your comments will determine if there are more of these to come. Full gallery available after the break.


Click on the images to see full size.

jesse_jane_kiss_kiss2.jpg jesse_jane_kiss_kiss3.jpgjesse_jane_kiss_kiss4.jpgjesse_jane_kiss_kiss5.jpgjesse_jane_kiss_kiss8.jpgjesse_jane_kiss_kiss9.jpgjesse_jane_kiss_kiss6.jpg

Images of Jesse Jane appear courtesy of Digital Playground.
These promotional images are from Jesse Jane’s latest film, Kiss Kiss.


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3 Responses to “Tuesday T&A: Jesse Jane Edition”

  1. <path_to_url> Jake (Tailgate Blog)

    I couldn’t get through the week without my Tuesday T&A. Keep up the good work.