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Thirst Down, Inc.

– Great company name for someone in the Football Rehydration category.

Go Ahead and Let Our Team Promote Your Team

– Great tag line and fits nicely into what the company can effectively do.

“The Only Real Football Water Bottle”

—Another great catch phrase, but as Lee Corso might say, “Not so fast my friend.”

With a chance to review Thirst Down’s entry into the football bottle category things looked promising.  At first glance it appeared that Thirst Down might have cracked the code on inserting a water bottle into the central portion of a Nerf while maintaining the integrity of the football.  What a great idea with potential for lots of fun across the tailgating parking lots of America.  Ideas for tailgating games started to come to  mind.

However, when the product arrived the first tag line rang truer–“Go Ahead and Let Our Team Promote Your Team”.    The plastic, football shaped water bottle provides room for companies or football teams to proudly display their logo.

Of the two versions I received–one with a lanyard and one without—the one with the lanyard seemed to have more potential.  A water bottle with a lanyard isn’t as cool as a Super Bowl lanyard with tickets around your neck per se, but I could see children using the lanyard on the sidelines at youth football league games—think flag football leagues, not tackle.  It’s also not as cool as this “Canyard” that I found that’s out there (see picture below right).

Another reason the lanyard version worked more effectively?  The non-lanyard version doesn’t stand up by itself.  Stay with me on this.  So you fill your plastic football with water and place it on a table, only to find that its weeble-wobbled its way off the table top and onto the ground for a splash landing.

At most tailgates you need to have a place to set your drink down.  This product doesn’t allow for that fundamental necessity.

The detailed pebble grain of the bottle as well as the plastic laces demonstrate a certain attention to detail that the company held to in the development of the product.  As a promotional platform it does have a clean surface for the addition of logos—almost exactly where an NFL or NCAA logo would go.  Another very nice touch.

If Thirst Down develops a way to have the “bottle” stand upright or to make the product’s exterior more Nerf-like, they might have something for the tailgating crowd.  Until then Thirst Down’s product will serve youth football leagues and promotional events more effectively.

Retail pricing  is $2.99 per bottle.  The Lanyard version is $3.99.  Print pricing is $2.00 for each label which includes up to a 4 color print of any logo or design in a 3″ x 2″ oval shaped area.  Special pricing is available for quantities of 500 or more.

You can find out more about Thirst Down by clicking here.

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