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The Tailgating Toolbox

Posted by Brandon On December - 10 - 2010

Tailgating tool box grillI have been contemplating writing this article for quite a while.  It wasn’t until this past weekend that I realized I needed to finally get it done.  My friend Mike had invited me over to his place to watch some football and eat some grub.  Since my food contribution was some grilled jalapenos and pizza, I knew I needed to have my tools.

Avid readers of the site know I’m pretty passionate about the grilling side of the tailgate scene, and not having my gear tends to make me a little uncomfortable. Realizing this a long time ago I assembled all the stuff I always want to have, into a special place.  I call it my Tailgating Toolbox.  It has served me so well, in fact, that I felt I should share the concept with my fellow tailgaters.

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself it’s not hard.  First you’ll need to figure out what you always want to have with you.  Second find a container that houses all of it.  Don’t sweat it if you forget something the first time, just remember to add it later. If you raid your drawers and cabinets every time you tailgate, consider buying duplicates and put them in your toolbox. The beauty is that you make it whatever you want it to be.

In my Tailgating Toolbox I have:
2 pairs of tongs
1 spatula/turner
1 large metal spoon
1 carving fork (
I’m not a hypocrite. I never ever use this, but it takes up very little space.)
2 Santoku Knives
1 Set of flatware (Fork/Spoon/Knife for 4)
1 Can of Canola Oil Cooking Spray
1 Can of Olive Oil Cooking Spray
4 Ceramic Coated Metal Bowls
1 Cast Iron Frying Pan
1 or 2 cans of butane fuel
Salt/Pepper Grinders
Various Seasonings

Assembling all those things every time you plan a tailgate eats up a lot of precious time.  Before I assembled it all in one place I spent even more time double and triple checking that I had them. Now it’s as simple as grabbing my toolbox. In today’s world some of the best selling products are those that make life easier.  The Tailgating Toolbox concept does just that. The old saying goes say a penny saved is a penny earned.  In our case time saved at home, is time earned in the lot.

If you have done something similar or if you would like ideas for getting your toolbox started it would be great to hear from you.  Feel free to comment or email me at [email protected]

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