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The Snack Caddy

Posted by Chris On July - 4 - 2010

Snack CaddyIt’s a holiday weekend.  But that doesn’t mean that this tailgater isn’t open to new ideas and products that can simplify his tailgating experience.  Yesterday this tailgater was introduced to the Snack Caddy during a Saturday afternoon barbecue.

At first glance the product looks kind of silly.  It reminded me of a camping chair, but with way too many pockets.  And I was sure at any moment the thing was going to fall over causing the host to get angry over wasted food and unnecessary clean-up time.

I was so wrong.  It’s true that I am basing my recommendation on a single experience, but this Snack Caddy seems to be quite the convenient little product.

The Snack Caddy has pockets all around for all tailgaters / party goers to easily access.  Some pockets are larger and deeper than others.  But with 17 total pockets there is adequate room for snacks, drinks, condiments, napkins, cups, and utensils.  Instead of having these products scattered between an eating table and your car trunk you have everything in one central location.  Based on yesterday’s experience the optimal place for the Snack Caddy is near the grill.  Grab your plate and utensils, then get your food, then turn right back around for condiments and some snacks.

As we settled down to eat at the picnic tables it was easy to move the Snack Caddy from near the grill to near the table.  Nothing spilled and again, everything we needed was right there.  And since there were kids at the barbecue I also got to experience how easy it is to clean up spills on the Snack Caddy.  The mess just wipes right off.  This is ideal for a tailgate where your buddy has too much to drink and spills either beer or sauce on the Snack Caddy.

At the end of the evening the items were removed from the pockets and the Snack Caddy was folded up and placed in the carrying bag.   If you are at the tailgate, the bag would then be placed in your trunk with your other tailgating items before heading into the stadium.

If you check out the website you can order the Snack Caddy for less than $45.  I already ordered one this morning!  The waterproof blanket also seems to be an interesting product… if anyone has purchased it, let me know if it is worth the price.

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